Get inspired with gush3 Furniture & Paint Colour Combinations To Transform Your Home

3 Furniture & Paint Colour Combinations To Transform Your Home

1 Item + 1 Colour: 3 Furniture & Paint Combinations to Begin Your Home Improvement

Looking for a starting theme and foundation to begin improving your room, and your entire house? Together with our friends at Castlery, let’s take you through 3 furniture and paint colour combinations that will look good in pretty much every space, and are a great starting point to making improvements to your home over time.

The Armchair

Suitable for the bedroom, living room, even balcony; an armchair is a versatile item that doesn’t have to come in groups to look great in your space. Sticking to a solid colour increases the range of colour pairings you can make with it, like this goldenrod-brown option. Paired with a painted feature or accent wall, and you’ve got the main elements of a quiet corner of the house, where you can rest, chill out, think or zone out. You might get more ideas for the next step popping up while you do so!

The Side Table

Spartan, minimalist designs are a hugely popular, and for good reason: the focus on stripping away extraneous elements increases versatility, and also gives room for your imagination to use the item in your own way. The side table’s function is determined by what you place on it, and this option accommodates any item, from lamps to décor, even a mini-magazine library. Its wood finish also makes it a stylish complement to almost any colour, making a compelling case for the ‘less is more’ maxim.

The L-Shaped Sofa

If you’re looking to really make an immediate impact with your first step, a sofa is a wonderful way to mark your resolve towards transforming your home. Getting a well-made, well-designed piece is also an investment that will bring you lots of joy in the years to come, from parties to quiet evenings.


L-shaped sofas provide more seating space and easily fit into a corner, where it harmonizes best with a new wall colour. Instantly, the visual of your living room is transformed, as this furniture and colour combination gives you a surge of excitement and drive to improve the rest of the home.



Bonus: 3 tips when deciding on the paint colour


What’s the Furniture Material?

Furniture options are endless, with innovative designs coming out every day. But these pieces are all made with the same general materials, so it’s a good place to start when deciding colour pairings. Metals have more sheen, wood has it’s distinctive detailing and texture, and glass’ transparency allows more light to fill your space. Neutral wall colours go great with these materials.

More shine doesn’t = more appealing.

Pick A Colour That Balances

Colour theory is something everyone gets, but most can’t articulate. But stick to some basic rules and you’ll be on track: Watch your contrast, and balance a bold colour with neutral background.

Beauty in balance.

Don’t Forget the Furniture’s Function

It’s good to remember the primary function of the piece of furniture you’re getting. What do you want it to do? Give you comfort? Be the center of attention? Draw the eye to a particular element of the room? To hide clutter? Let the piece do its thing, and don’t dilute it with clashing colours or too many extra items.

Start Simple: 1 Item, 1 Colour.

Just like we sign up for free trial periods or buy the smaller option of new products, home improvement doesn’t need to involve a complete upheaval all at once. Take it one step at a time. Change the colour of one wall first. Buy one item. Or, go the other way and remove one item from your space (an option that’s usually free).


Starting on home improvements is usually a daunting process because of the expectations we have about the end result. We all want a home that ends up looking and being better than it was previously. Why else would we put in the effort? The tricky part comes in when we can’t ascertain whether this decision will work. But breathe easy; when in doubt, start simple, and stick to the tested.


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