Get inspired with gush5 DIY Painting Ideas for kids, with gush 200ml tubs!

5 DIY Painting Ideas for kids, with gush 200ml tubs!

With the school holidays, every kid is eager to take a break from the books and do something apart from academics. It’s a great opportunity to get together as a family. Painting is a wonderful medium for creativity and expression, and DIY projects give kids a taste of the responsibilities and ownership involved in starting a project. The best part: cair’s non-toxic, VOC-free, zero odour formulation gives you a safe painting experience for the whole family. Available in fun-sized 200ml tins; it’s time to paint, and time to play. Here’s 5 DIY painting ideas for your kids to try out this holidays!

Tote Bags

Image: alexiasymvoulidou (The Non-Hip Hippies)

Personalization is an excellent way for your kids to express their identity, and tote bags double up as a handy way to carry their extracurricular gear when the term starts again. Easy to find online or in art retail shops, tote bags are a portable canvas for mini art projects.


To guide your kids, have them find a picture that expresses their imagination, complemented by whichever items they choose to place inside. It’s always surprising to see the results, and your kids will carrying a tangible symbol of their self-expression.


Canvas Tapestry

Image: Barbara Rucci, ARTBAR (

A larger project that might need more guidance, but also gives more space for imagination. Wall tapestries are one way for your kids to personalize their rooms in a less permanent way. The beauty of tapestries is that they can be taken down or repositioned easily, depending on where the kids want to have it. Once dry, you can place it on the ceiling, walls, even on the door! Remember to ensure the floor under the canvas is protected with newspaper or cardboard so the paint doesn’t leave a mark.


Redecorating A Section of the Room

Stencils are one great way to let your kids paint and personalize their room.

If you’re planning something more large-scale, like a redecorating for the kids’ room, it might be an opportunity to let the kids express themselves in one section of the room. Using stencils or freehand, it’s exciting for the kids to have the decision making power for a part of their room. Going from drawing blocks to an actual wall is quite a change, and your kids will know and appreciate it. They’ll also love that they’ve got permission from you, mummy and daddy dearest, to finally draw on their walls!


Not sure which colours to pick? Check out our guest feature with Make Room for some top tips!


Multicolours & Stencils

Trickier to do, but the result is well worth it.

This will require some nifty tape-handling, but the kids will have loads of fun colouring within the lines for once. Pick a section of your wall to paint. Find a basic geometric design, whether its in-trend hexagons or bubbly circles. Using masking tape or painter’s tape, outline the shapes on the wall. Fill the shapes with paint, remove the tape, and you’re done! A fun way to get kids started with painting, and with a satisfying straightforward process, you might find yourselves doing this project again, with more ambitious concepts like mountains or stars!

Here’s a guide that takes you through the process, step-by-step!

Accent Wall

Image: Kate Simmons (

Giving kids the freedom and responsibility to decorate a wall in their room is a fantastic learning experience. You can do it freehand, or with a reference picture. A great way to introduce kids to concepts such as research for designs, planning how they’re gonna paint; and of course, creative expression. But if you want a more straightforward project, painting an accent wall is a simpler and more guided endeavour.


Let your kids pick the colours, then demarcate the areas of the wall to be painted with masking or painter’s tape. From there, let the kids fill in the colours. It’s a great chance to try their hand at painting techniques like using rollers and larger brushes, which is great for their motor and coordination skills as well.


Bonus: Paint Your Balcony

Simple painting ideas can transform a balcony. Image: RAJA AKKINAPALLI IMAGES

DIY painting projects don’t have to be limited to the kids’ rooms. Areas like balconies can look extra homey and cosy with some splashes of colour. If the finished artwork can be seen from outside, you’ll instantly have a home that stands out from the rest, instantly recognizable when seen from street level (also a handy guide for visitors trying to find your place!).


If you need inspiration, check out @oakandbindi’s sunshiney balcony project; you’ll want to pick up a brush and start your holiday balcony-transformation project too!

Let loose, express yourself. It’s the holidays.

There’s loads of well-crafted content online to take you through the specifics of each process, and with gush air-purifying paints, you’ll be enjoying yourselves safely. Non-toxic and VOC-free, cair releases no poisonous fumes. So don’t worry; you get to sleep easy in the same room that night. With 200ml size tubs, you get to pick different colours, and also keep them easily for the next DIY project. Your kids will be waking up to refreshing reminders of their artistic triumphs every day!


cair is available in 200ml tub sizes! Start picking your colours in our online store today!

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