Get inspired with gush5 Street Colours to Inspire your New Room Space

5 Street Colours to Inspire your New Room Space

Picking a colour is a serious business and, we agree it’s one of those choices that can truly make your house stunning or a typical meh. Don’t get us wrong, but we would love to see those walls in your home be the next big star that everyone gushes over to take a photo.   


This list is for you. To all those thinking which colours can look great together or need that big OMG inspiration moment, continue reading. 

choosing the right color is a tough job!

Five places in our tiny island for some major color inspiration.   


Koong Seng Road   

Tucked away in the east, this line of Peranakan inspired shophouses will catch the likes of any pastel lover. A narrow strip of road separated by two rows of pastel structures alongside, quite like a dream eh? 

image by

Also known as the Joo Chiat two-storeyed bungalows, these get heavily inspired by the Peranakan culture, a medley of Chinese and Malay influences. The stretch of shophouses can be classified into a late style (1900-1940) shophouse design due to its decorative mouldings and glazed tiles. If you look closely, you will see certain kinds of flower and animal motifs which has symbolic meanings related to wealth.


They say details are always in places which you’ve got to keep a close lookout. We agree on that too! Thank us later but look out for the subtle colour combinations that get used on the ledges of the windows. Spot out for colours like Breadwinner & BeamTeh Tarik & Thirsty or Moonlight & Thirsty that could be your future colour inspiration for your room.

all those details in the tiny places.

This place has a colour for everyone. For the dreamy pastel lovers, you can look out for Yammy & Maple Butter and on the other hand,  those going for a sleek & sophisticated look to MoonlightTwilight or even Sculpture can be your pick.


MICA building 

You might’ve caught a glimpse of this building because of it’s hard to miss rainbow exterior façade. Could be two scenarios either while walking across the street or just that momentary appreciation for this building when the bus crosses the road. However, apart from the visually appeasing building as it stands today, this building was initially built as a police station in 1934.


If you’re just in need of the burst of positive energy radiating within the four walls of your home, choosing bright colours can just make the magic happen! We pick AmalfiBiome Mango for that pop of warmth for the cheery self in you to come to life on the walls.

Looksee Looksee 

Part of an office of Lo & Behold but the first level is open to the public as a tea room and a reading space. The color palette of Looksee is like peering into any of Wes Anderson’s film. 

The space in itself has a mixture of shades from baby pinks to teal and Tuscany kind of yellow filled in the room. A rather fun fact about this place would be, it’s tea house which operates on a tipping basis precisely a pay as you wish kind of system. To give a gush makeover, we’d choose a mixture of Lemonade, Mamma Mia, Kaya and Foliage. 

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Teck Whye HDB

You must’ve heard of the word – feature wall from a previous article of ours. In short, it is the wall that adds the oomph or the secret show-stopper. The housing blocks in Teck Whye avenue has a colourful rectangular grid painted in red, yellow, blue with black outlines. The look is inspired by a Dutch painter named Mondrian who gets widely acclaimed for his, Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow.  

the famous composition by Dutch painter, Mondrian

Following the same theme, we think including an accent wall in your space painted in squares of a different colour can be a great idea! To get gush inspired, maybe you’d want to choose a combination between Terra, Mamma Mia, Crush or Amalfi, Mango, Beam.

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When patterned colours are not your cup of tea:  

Red hill MRT station  

Quite an underrated place to take note of, but if you’re one of those who’d want to define your room space. Crush is a good idea after all! Perfect with its pink hues, your room surely will stand out for a long time. 

Image by

Although we don’t have more examples to get inspired from solid coloured room spaces, remember these examples need not just be what you depend. Painting your walls is just like a canvas, reach out to the depths of your creative mind for some inspiration too!

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