Get inspired with gushAmong g(US)h: A Colour Guide For Your Persona

Among g(US)h: A Colour Guide For Your Persona

You’re running around doing your own tasks.


Swiping your card at Admin, you feel a little wary of your surroundings. Nobody’s nearby, so you decide to proceed to Electrical to fix up the wiring……


You enter the room. There’s Cyan. Dead on the floor. You report the body and everybody begins discussing. Who’s the sus one?

Can’t trust nobody on this spaceship…

It’s no surprise that colours are a highly important feature of Among Us. Players can choose from a range of colours, and whatever they pick becomes their identity. But whether we like it or not, colours have personality associations. So make them work for you. We’ve curated some gush colours for you to match your living spaces with your in-game persona. Just make sure your colour isn’t sus.

Do these associations ring true for you? (Image: u/AmongUsLaFlame (Reddit))


One of the main OGs of the game. Red is instantly recognisable, and by grabbing the attention, Red players are also the first to be suspected. But half of the time, you just want to do your job and take charge of discussions to find the true imposter… if you aren’t voted off first.


Terra is our pick for Red, a brick-coloured brownish shade that makes your spaces just as unforgettable.



Blue is kind and the first to be by your side. While they’re never quick to blame anybody, they always want to get to the bottom of things, and quickly. Your mind works fast under your cool demeanour, rationalizing everything before casting your vote.

Strong, stoic and calm; Dip perfectly represents Blue’s cool yet logical character.



Green is quick to be targeted during discussions. We’ll admit, he’s kinda sus, but there’s a low chance that he’s the Imposter. Why? Green tends to be a character of few words because he prefers avoiding confrontation, which doesn’t always serve you well inside a high tension spaceship. With Green’s reserved nature, Biome is a great shade for accentuating his innocence.


Every game will always have one clueless person, and it’s usually Pink as a crewmate. When Pink is the Imposter though; that’s when things change. Pinks are swift in killing and fleeing; and because they’re able to pull off a clueless façade, they’re never suspected. Crush mixes the innocuous and devious sides of Pink, with its pastel tone containing just the slightest hint of grey.



We empathise a lot with Orange, who’s often misunderstood. Orange usually turns into ‘Carrot’ as the players start currying attention and rapport. When they realise that everybody is too occupied with their tasks, Oranges stay silent and prefer to skip their vote. So, we’re dedicating Mango to you – a vivid, pumpkin colour that’s mangonificent and special. You have a voice, let your walls roar!



Sometimes, Yellows can be indecisive with their vote during discussions. They don’t want to target anyone; but they also don’t want to be seen as a backseat crewmate, or worse. Unfortunately, this delayed response makes them a clear target after some time, which Yellows totally understand. But now, what do you do when your crewmates give you lemons? Make Lemonade for a friendly shade, that keeps you company while you wait for the next round.



Black is definitely the smartest player of them all. You’re the secret detective and always spot-on with your suspicions. Other crewmates trust Black because they know that they’ve got no hidden agenda; they just want everybody to win. If you’re ever confused with who’s the Imposter, take Black’s word for it! Here’s Orbit; a great representation of your sophistication and suave.



White players think that their colour can be a decoy; however, the rest don’t believe you’re as pure as appearances suggest. You know who the real Imposter is, but never reveal it since you enjoy keeping your crewmates on edge more. We know that White’s character can be a little off sometimes, but for an off-white you can trust, Linen is our top choice.



Purples aren’t very good at covering their own tracks. They try to convince others that they aren’t the culprit, but it only makes them more sus. Most of the time, we all know that they’re the real Imposter anyway. But there’s nothing sus about Geode’s cool, vibrant hue, that defuses any suspicious environment.



The big bear of the group, Brown keeps all their crewmates grounded. They’re the first to calm everybody down when discussions get heated. Sadly, this doesn’t sit well with everyone, but Brown is fine with being the target once in a while, to keep the peace. We chose Tectonic as an elegant representation of Brown’s sacrifice and warmth.



Curious and ready for fun, Cyan loves to follow their other crewmates around to see what they’re up to… which come across as a little sus. However, they’re diligent in finishing up their tasks first before exploring the entire spaceship. What Cyan really needs is a break, and a nice cool shade like Thirsty will give you much-needed relief from all the bustling.



As his name suggests, Lime always wants to be in the limelight. They’re the quickest to have an opinion on who’s sus, but never reveals where they last did their task (that’s if they even completed anything). We know that Lime just needs to chill out, and nothing says chill and relaxed like Lawn.

Whatever your colour, we’ll clean the air! No sus about indoor air pollution!

Since each match in Among Us is so unpredictable, it can be tiring to figure out who’s the sus one, especially if you just want to have fun finishing your tasks. Why not breathe easy with gush, while enjoying your favourite in-game colour? Let paint do the work, and cair for you and your living spaces; they’ll never vote you off the spaceship.

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