Get inspired with gushBedroom Colours You Should Get to Balance Visual & Function

Bedroom Colours You Should Get to Balance Visual & Function

What Bedroom Colours Should I Get?

More than a space to catch Z’s or put on your best looks before going out, the bedroom is the definition of personal space. As the room of the house that is truly yours, bedrooms are for expression, intimacy, and truly being yourself.

The room of the house dedicated to keeping you happy. Snuggle in.

As with any space, colours play a significant role in how your bedroom looks and feels. But when choosing bedroom colour ideas, don’t just stop at shades you like. Ask: what type of bedroom will yours be?


What you prioritize in your room can help you decide on colours not just out of desirability, but function as well. Here’s some bedroom colour ideas to get the bedroom you truly want.


The Memory Decorator

Maybe you’re an avid scrapbooker, collector, or just love having memories and mementoes around you. Chances are you’ll be hanging and pasting lots of things on your bedroom walls.

Your bedroom tells the story of your life.

In this case, you’ll want to go for a safer tone that goes well with all manner of polaroids, cutouts and trinkets. A solid white, like All Good Things, is usually your safest bet. But to enhance the cozy, heartwarming vibes, a comfortable brown shade like Tectonic is your go-to.


A great complementary wall colour keeps your precious memory items from looking out of place. Instead, you’ve got a personal museum in your bedroom; a visual storybook of your life and all the wonderful parts of it.


Tranquil & Chillout

Nothing keeps you from your beauty sleep. NOTHING.


Sanctuary. Serenity. SLEEP. For you, your bedroom serves the sacred role of providing you with the most cherished of human desires: rest. It’s an escape from the world; an instant vibe change where you can detach your mind from stress and noise. Use colours that evoke comfort and calm, like Cloud.


Even cool greys like Pluvial can be suitable, as your mind will begin to associate it with rest when used in such a context. Paired with your favourite aromatherapy and soft table lights; now you’ve got a safe, trusted space. Lounge away.


The Parent Trap

The kids are always around. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

If quality time is your best time, you want your bedroom to be the comfy, cozy hive of family activity. Your bedroom lets you keep an eye on the kids while getting other tasks done. But a room that’s a-bustle with the energy of family life will bring inevitable mess and untidiness. And who says that’s a bad thing? Turn clutter into charm, using wall colours as a complement.


A purple pastel shade like Yammy provides visual relief and a lens of joy to all the darnedest things that kids will do. No stress; turn mess into cosiness.


Work & Bed

Whether it’s because of space constraints, or a devotion to hyper efficiency, you might want to have your workspace in your bedroom. You want to enjoy the best of both worlds in a matter of steps. Like the saying goes, no one wants to hang with dull Jack.

The epitome of efficiency.

The important thing is to segment. Distinguishing your work and play spaces keeps them from blending together. A two-tone colour approach would serve you well here, creating a literal visual separation. Try a combination of Biome and Lemonade to define work and play.


As to how you paint your walls, feel free to play with the layout of your space. Try oblique lines instead of conventional horizontals or verticals. You know yourself best, so you set the boundaries. And when it’s time to play, don’t forget to cover your webcam!


Living In Light


Perhaps you’re blessed with a bedroom that’s got large windows, letting plenty of light in. From rousing to a circadian-halting morning-sun blast of Vitamin D, to daydream-inducing views at the turn of your head; you want to enjoy all its benefits.


But sunlight changes the look of your room across the day, so it’s good to pick a wall colour that shines in different lighting conditions. Darker colours might have their imperfections in finish exposed in sunlight. Lighter shades like Maple Butter would be more versatile.


Another tip to note: you can always have curtains to control the amount of light you let in. Remember to to match your curtains with your walls, to maintain your visual majesty.

Time for bedroom eyes.

When picking bedroom colours, it’s important to consider what kind of bedroom you’re going to have: will it be full of activity, or a cherished venue for relaxation?


Pick colours that will complement the daily rituals of your bedroom, and you’ve got a space that will always be familiar, effective and yes, flowing with clean air. With cair interior paint keeping you safe from indoor air pollution, you’re ready for all kinds of magic to happen.


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