All about cair; all about good aircair or cair fresh? Here’s How to Get The Best Of cair

cair or cair fresh? Here’s How to Get The Best Of cair

Use this checklist to decide whether to get cair or cair fresh for your space.


Knowing which areas of your home should use cair or cair fresh goes a long way towards getting the full benefits and performance of gush air-purifying paints.


Understanding the key difference between the two will ensure you have a smooth, pleasant painting experience, and get that quality finish that lasts.

Enjoy the best of cair: know whether to use cair or cair fresh.

The Key Difference

cair interior paint (our OG paint!) has 6 air-purifying benefits that includes humidity regulation.


cair fresh, on the other hand, is formulated for easy removal of dirt and stains.


This means that cair fresh DOES NOT have the same humidity regulating feature that cair has. But otherwise, both paints are VOC-Free, have zero odours, are equally able to break down VOCs, odours, bacteria and mold spores.

cair and cair fresh: same air-purifying goodness, but different key feature.

Choose cairfully.

This means that cair fresh might not perform well if used in high humidity areas, or walls that are older and have trapped moisture within. Because it is less resistant to constant moisture, this would affect its adhering power to the wall. If the area is very humid, this could cause peeling to occur.


So, where do I use which?

Use cair for humidity-prone areas like bathrooms. (Sidekix Media on Unsplash)


We recommend using cair for your ceilings, and walls of humid areas, especially bathrooms, or rooms with high air-conditioning usage.

cair fresh is great for kitchens and areas prone to dirt. (Jimmy Dean on Unsplash)

cair fresh:

cair fresh is suitable for walls of high-traffic areas like entrances, corridors, dining areas and kitchens. But do assess the humidity level of these areas first. The higher the humidity, the more we would recommend using cair instead. Check out this list of guiding questions to help determine if your humidity level is too high for cair fresh.


2 More Tips:


  1. Use sealer.

To further reduce the chances of any moisture issues affecting your finish, apply a coat of sealer to the wall first. Let it dry completely before painting. This ensures any moisture trapped within the wall does not affect the paint coat (especially for cair fresh). Sealer also enables good adhesion between the substrate and new paint, which helps prevent issues like peeling.


2. Prep your surface.

Preparing your walls and ceilings goes a long way in helping you put on a coat of cair that works to its fullest, and also ensures your paint coat looks awesome for years to come. Check out our preparation guide and DIY guide for the top steps to an amazing paintjob.


You’re ready to enjoy clean air, in your favourite colours! Pick your colours today!

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