Get inspired with gushColour Palettes From Movies We Should Have Watched in 2020

Colour Palettes From Movies We Should Have Watched in 2020

Get These Colour palettes From Movies We Should Have Watched in 2020

To say it’s not been the best year would be an understatement.


COVID-19 took our world and lives in its pathogenic hands, and shook us upside down. Taking away gatherings, parties, travel. But the last straw was when the big studios started delaying the theatrical releases of their 2020 films.


Understandably, in order not to suffer financial losses from severely reduced box office sales, but still; we’re all missing the joys of watching larger than life characters (literally) living out our dreams and fantasies on the silver screen.


More than that, films are an explosion of colour (and actual explosions, too) that rouse our imaginations and passions. At the end of a bleak year, our lives could use some brightening up.

A year without blockbuster season. Sigh.

We look forward to the day when we’ll get to enjoy films together in packed cinemas again. But in the meantime, we’ve been gushing over colour palettes from films we were eager to catch this year. Try some of these colour combinations in your space, to bring that movie magic into your own home!

Looking for paint colours? Time for trailers!

Image: Chiabella James

This was the film we literally were waiting till Christmas to see: a new attempt at adapting the beloved Frank Herbert novel, this time by acclaimed director Denis Villeneuve. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a whole year more to catch Timothee Chalamet in his biggest role to date. Villeneuve’s elemental visual style, shooting in the actual desert, is unveiled in all its majestic glory, and we’re loving the earthy tones pierced with sky blues.

Image: Paramount Pictures

If there was a single film we were waiting to catch in the theatres in 2020, it’s got to be the sequel to this smash horror hit. We were already imagining the frustrated shushes and death stares when someone crunches too loudly on their popcorn.


From what we’ve seen, the Abbott family looks to be spending more time in the outdoors this time round, which can only mean amped up suspense and risk. If we manage to keep our eyes open enough, we’ll be drinking in the natural green tones, even as we’re looking out for those hypersensitive audio monsters.

Image: Marv Films

This spin-off from the hugely successful comedy-action spy franchise had us eagerly awaiting in our bespoke suits and turtleshell eyeglasses. Ralph Fiennes taking over Colin Firth as the charismatic middle-age depiction of suave elegance? We’re all for it.


The poster cleverly uses the orange-blue pairing, a sure-fire blend of regal and brazen personalities; much like the winning combination of gentleman and ruffian that is the beating heart of the films’ success. But by playing with the saturation, the shades used highlight the nostalgia and drama, like a rich, vintage piece of furniture. Exquisite.


Image: Illumination

Another origin/prequel story, the iconic characters who stole the world’s hearts from their appearance in Despicable Me have gotten themselves another feature. Such has been their success and popularity, that the blue-yellow pairing is now associated with them over other brands and characters (sorry, B1. Sorry, B2). Nevertheless, it’s a tried and tested pairing that’s great for any kids’ room, or secret lair. Try pastel shades to up the cuteness and comfort!


Image: Columbia Pictures

Another animated sequel that had children everywhere buzzing with excitement, this silver screen depiction of warm and fuzzy checks all the boxes: adorable protagonist, megawatt cast, and a wholesome, feel-good story. Presented in glorious technicolour, the stunning visuals are complemented by amazing colour combinations that we couldn’t wait to see. It goes to show: simply pairing a primary colour with a earthy background can bring a deliciously rustic vibe.


Image: MGM

What would blockbuster season be without an instalment from one of the longest-running, most successful franchises ever? And being shot in IMAX, our eyes were ready to be overwhelmed by breathtaking location shots, action sequences and Bond’s signature one-liners, delivered in stunning detail and crispness. If Bond films are anything, it’s elegance, and the posters are no different. Single colour themes, that dabble in different shades for contrast and style, are as iconic as the theme song.


Image: Paramount

Speaking of blockbusters, they don’t come much bigger than this sequel to one of the most iconic films ever, that made a certain Mr Cruise into a bonafide movie star. With the recent comeback of 80s trends and nostalgia, the time was right for Top Gun to blaze supersonic through the culture again. Wearing its patriotic emblems on its sleeve again, the muted reds, whites and blues mark the evolution of Maverick and the gang’s adventures in a grittier, modern setting.


Films bring magic bullets of colour inspiration, even when they’re not out yet.

Being a definitively visual medium, films know a thing or two about colours, and can be a great source of inspiration for your own spaces. We might have missed out on catching these films this year, but we can still draw from their colour palettes to paint ourselves spaces that are timeless and dramatic. As the year turns, you’ll have blockbusting spaces worthy of any movie set, ready for friends and family!

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