Get inspired with gushCyberpunk & Pastels: Combinations for a Retro-futuristic Vibe

Cyberpunk & Pastels: Combinations for a Retro-futuristic Vibe

Shadowy, dingy urban landscapes dripping in neon. A general air of uncertainty, underlying malaise and virtual domination.


Cyberpunk seems to be an appropriate vibe for this tumultuous year, its fame cemented in the recent release of one of the most hyped games ever. Its’ instantly recognizable look has manifested in music videos, TV shows, art, even in the news.


Despite the unnerving philosophy at its core, the cyberpunk look is undoubtedly alluring, embracing the alternative and rebellious autonomy in all its slick, glitchy glory.

An icon of cyberpunk films, from Neo to Johnny Silverhand.

But, while it’s great to look at, the full cyberpunk vibe might be too edgy for your home (not to mention consuming a lot of electricity).

For a cyberpunk-inspired look that’s more comfortable, pastel shades for your walls and ceilings might be a savvy choice. Cyberpunk has distinctive colour combinations, the most iconic being magenta and electric blue. But there’s plenty of cyberpunk artwork that uses pastel shades, for a less eccentric look that’s still edgy.


Here’s some combinations of lighter colours to inspire a cyberpunk-influenced room makeover, so you can get a healthy dose of future nostalgia to plug into, all within your own space.

Cyberpunk aesthetics: let’s roll.

Blue and Magenta

Cyberpunk aesthetics: let’s roll.

From appearing in Blade Runner posters, this is a colour combination that’s really woven itself into culture over the last decade; from the artwork of bands like the 1975 and Daft Punk, live music concerts (ohh how we miss you!) to clubs the world over. Used in a bedroom or study, you can even paint an ombre wall for a misty, dreamy dynamic while you’re trawling cyberspace on your laptop.

Try a combination of Crush and Dip for a pastel cyberpunk combo.


Purple/Orange on a White Background


Outside of the urban megalopolis, cyberpunk also evokes barren yet beautiful landscapes devoid of humanity. As colours that have appeared in many sci-fi and future-inspired films and videos, purple and oranges’ associations with the genre have become indelible.


Paired with a white background highlights the stark, bold nature of these colours, while also infusing a stylish dynamic to your space. Pairing it with black, glossy furniture gets you extra crypto credits!

Image: Unfinished AKIRA concept by Katsuhiro Otomo

For a more earth-bound, desert feel, replace the white with an off-white. Check out Mango and Geode.


A Mix of Cool Blues 


Commonly seen as the safe, sturdy contrast to magenta’s wild glare, blue is all over cyberpunk, and can be versatile on its own, as seen in films like Ghost In The Shell. Using different shades of blue can create a mirage-esque shimmer when paired with metal furniture and instalments.


You can even explore turquoise, aquamarine and other green-leaning colour tones to really nail that futuristic, lunar vibe. Giving you calm even in the concrete jungle, you might hear Vangelis’ haunting synths every time you step in.

Try colours like RingsPluvial and Dip for starters!


Solid Colour Lines 


The early iterations of the genre were influenced by industrial environments and the oncoming digital age. Straight lines and angular geometry have always been a key aspect of the cyberpunk visual, reflecting the reality of the virtual world and the domination of machinery and circuitry.


Think high-surveillance industrial complexes, or the sleek designs of racing cars and motorbikes. From the speed trails in Tron to the glitchy pixels of vintage Atari ads, there’s plenty of design inspiration to use. Download and copy as you wish.


Mustard & Violet


A bold combination that’s dramatic and romantic, dusky oranges juxtaposed with the regal mystery of purple tones are what cyberpunk is at its core: majesty and tarnished beauty. Giving your space a unique look that’s also modern, it’s an alternative of the traditional blue and magenta motif, but equally as entrancing, and even a little less dystopian. Think synth chords in a major key.


Play around with combinations like Geode & Amalfi, or Beam & Extraterrestrial!

Cyberpunk vibes while getting rid of air pollution like:

Having any of these combinations, paired with metallic or chrome touches as you wish, and you’ve got yourself a cyberpunk-themed interior, ready to fill with manga collections or rave-ready sound systems. Using gush air-purifying paint also means you won’t need bulky ventilation systems, but you can always add a splash of neon and UV light source, for a radical transformation when the lights go off. Revel in the flash and futurism of cyberpunk, without the air pollution!

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