Get inspired with gushGet Colour Inspiration From These Classic SG Snacks

Get Colour Inspiration From These Classic SG Snacks

Colours never fail to have a remarkable effect on us. It can evoke a nostalgic memory tucked deep within. It might be a bright or muted tone that suddenly speaks to all of us. Without saying a word, colours are communication tools that can inspire, influence, even help you define your persona.

Colours + food: unlocking the door to your imagination!

Home is where the heart is; and for Singaporeans, food as well. Yes, colour inspiration can come from anywhere, especially from things we like! Read on, and let’s check out five traditional food items that we hold dear to our childhoods and hearts, whether young or old. Before you get caught up in the nostalgia blast, or your tummy rumbles too loudly, you’ll have plenty of colour ideas for your living spaces!

Image Source: Momo-Zhao on Deviant Art (

1. Iced Gem Biscuits

Whether you eat them whole or bite off the biscuit first, one thing’s for sure: these fancy gems take you back to the good ol’ days. We’ll do the translation in colours while you feast.

Just like the brightest gem in the picture, Lemonade naturally brings warmth to your room. It also makes a great backdrop to a kitchen. It’s a fresher alternative if you’re bored of sticking with classic greys and whites. For an added 90’s touch, pair it up with white cabinetry for an old-school vibe!

Scroll to the image again, and see which gem didn’t catch your attention at first glance. Chances are, it’s the white one! White shades, especially for walls and ceilings are universal go-to picks for a safer colour option, because they blend well with anything.

Just like Spiderman dances to every song, white shades go great with any space

Our best resemblance to this understated gem (that’s still gush-worthy for your walls) is Linen. With its softer tone, this off-white shade is less intense. If you’re wondering why white shades remain to be a classic, it’s all about the visual harmony it brings. Just think of all your favourite Pinterest posts that use a white background. Plus, it makes your living room spaces look spacious, which is a welcome bonus.

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2. Chili Tapioca Chips

Kettle chips, who? These babies packed a tasty punch in their small packets. We’ve got many fancy options these days, but that taste takes you back, blending the best of both worlds with its spicy kick and mildly sweet aftertaste.


For a colour that eases off any gloominess, and brings an extra oomph, check out Beam. This statement-worthy shade leaves a lasting impression, with its light orange shade working well as an accent wall, or painted on all four walls!

Image: Sean Boyle (Flickr)

3. Kaya Toast 

The breakfast of champions, beloved among all; nothing beats grabbing Kaya toast and Kopi for breakfast. Two slices of toasted squared bread, topped off with butter and your morning drink of choice, and you’ve got a perfect start to your morning. Yep, we’ve got a colour in this name; but for another comfortable shade, we’ve also got Lawn.


Not a typical colour choice for your walls, but it’s a great one especially if you’ve got matching elements in mind. This muted lime green shade also works well as a combination with warmer tones. For a more sophisticated look to living room spaces, a darker shade like Biome adds elegance to the luxuriance!

Image: Elaine Koh (Burpple)

4. Kueh 

This colourful bite-sized traditional Nyonya snack made of rice flour is a common item found at teatime on coffee tables. One of many Nonya desserts that span the spectrum of flavours and combinations, kuehs are a delicious example that teach us: when it comes to colours, the sky’s the limit. And the same goes for your spaces!


This time, we’re thinking of Crush. A light rose shade that’s a cosy fit for bedroom spaces, its pastel tone soothes and calms your nerves.


Prefer kueh colours with an eclecticism like Wes Anderson’s colour palettes? Try decorating your space with Homecoming and Rings. A beautiful melody of muted pinks and vintage green gives you a room that’s bound to stay classy; not just at teatime, but any hour of the day!

Image: Catherine Ong (Flickr)

5. Kueh Pie Tee

Another beloved traditional dish consisting of a thin crispy pastry cup, filled in with a sweet and spicy mixture of vegetables, topped off with shrimp and chili. Simply put, an explosion of flavors and one of a kind!

That’s right, Gordon. Respect the Peranakan flavour.

With the combination of the shell and the filling in our minds, we’re seeing Mango. This vibrant shade combines with neutrals in a great way. This colour can work well just as a feature wall. But if you’re shying away from a bold look, consider having it painted in stripes!

Whichever colour you pick, gush clears the air; empowering you with better spaces.

These are but a taste of the many local delicacies that we’ve enjoyed at one point in our lives, but there’s so much more! Just remember the takeaway: colours influence our lives more than you can imagine.


When you’re picking colours, think of what kind of food inspires you? What brings the memories back?  Pair these colours with a timeless finish, and you don’t just have a gorgeous room: you’ve got a room that expresses you. With gush paints clearing the air of pollutants, mould and bacteria; you’ll always be caired for.

So, which colour do you pick?

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