Get inspired with gushGetting Inspired by these Five Movie Colour Palettes

Getting Inspired by these Five Movie Colour Palettes

If you’re finding words to describe life right now, chances are they’re not very fun words. In the past few months, WFH has felt long, gloomy and dreary. Getting some inspiration amidst the negativism and the mood swings might be tough, but it’s amazing what happens when you suddenly see things differently!


One thing that isn’t short in supply during lockdowns is movies. And movies are full of colour palettes and combinations that can stir up our inspirational juices again. We’re bringing you some of our favourites as examples today (Be ready to jot down some ‘I never realized this could work!’ insights!)

In need of some room inspiration? You’ve come to the right place.

1. Life of Pi 

Life of Pi (2012) is still a visual feasfor the eyes! Overall, the movie makes use of bright, warmglowing colors in exotic on-screen compositions. But at the same, each scene from this movie varies in its colour scheme. As much as we’d love to explain more scenes in detail, here’s one for this time round! 


Though I first watched the movie eight years ago, I still fondly recall the whale scene, as it brings me to awe each time my mind revisits the image. Ravi sits on his raft curiously observing the blue electric aqua waters beneath, with jelly fishes swimming. Stunning. 

Ravi amazed by the electric blue waters.

Though I first watched the movie eight years ago, I still fondly recall the whale scene, as it brings me to awe each time my mind revisits the image. Ravi sits on his raft curiously observing the blue electric aqua waters beneath, with jelly fishes swimming. Stunning. 


Inspired by this scene, you can choose between 50 Dollars and Dip to get that majestic blue tone of the waters. 50 Dollars has a light, mellow tone, while Dip promises you that rich blue ocean vibe.  


In this case, having the blues is a good thing. Considered by psychologists to be calmingblue tones won’t be stealing a wink of your beauty sleep. Perfect for bedroom spaces and serene atmospheresit’s a combination even Ravi wouldn’t want to miss! 

50 Dollars (A505-B)

Dip (A524-C)

2. Bao 

short film by Pixar that hits the topic of home way too close to the heart; Bao is filled with rich, vibrant colors that complements the characters really well.  


Bao makes use of different tinges of reds which adds a fun lil personality to your walls. Use a combination of TerraRitual & Bouquet to maximise their earthy hues. Terra’s brown undertone makes your walls homely and welcoming, while Bouquet’s paler coral tone brings a chic vibe as a décor element.  

Terra (B682-C)

Bouquet (B444-B)

Ritual (B681-C)

Ravi amazed by the electric blue waters.

3. The Florida Project 

Packed with raw emotions while tacklinreal issues like race-class issues present in the American societythis movie features moments of happy child-like wonder through the eyes of Moonee, the main protagonist, amid her bleak reality.

Monee’s daily adventure around the motel.

The movie makes clever use of a distinctive candy-coloured palette to highlight this contrasting perspective between how the children and the adults see their reality. To get this dreamy palette at home, you can go with classic pastels. But also look into tones like Tutu Kueh and Yammy. Pairing this off-white shade with an unorthodox pastel makes for the sweetest of combinations.

Tutu Kueh (A102-A)

Yammy (A392-A)

4. Her

Giving us a peek into a future coexisting with AI, Her stands apart from other sci-fi films because of the optimism and hope that it depicts. Would it be possible to live in a world when an AI is a regular person?



This movie also does away with traditional sci-fi bluesleaning more towards saturated reds and orange tones insteadIn one particular sceneSteve is on a beach, speaking to what feels like his real partner. Colours like Mango, Amalfi and Kaya fit perfectly into the vibes of positivity here.


Kaya (A862-B)

Mango (A143-C)

Most of the scenes from the movie are a mixture of saturated orange and red tones.

5. Dark

Another sci-fi example, but a TV series instead of a film. This German Netflix original has garnered much attention. Its slow-burning story takes its time to hook you in; but once you are, there’s no going back! Throughout the seasons, a gloomy, ominous atmosphere grounds the nature of the show and its plot, but there is an enchanting beauty to the colours used. 

Keeping this in mind, we’re picking Street, Pebble and Orbit. Neutral colours are always a favorite as they can fit in almost everywhere! Pebble and Orbit are grey shades which provide a sophisticated backdrop for a living room or even a bedroom. Street, a classic white shade, can either shine by itself or work on complementing other pieces.  

German original Netflix show, Dark captures the moody vibe perfectly.

Pebble (B271-B)

Orbit (B226-C)

Street (A472-A)

As many still believe, inspiration can be found everywhere. These were only some of the shows but we’re sure you can be inspired by some of your personal favorites. Colours are a subjective topic but with gush by your side, you won’t be running out of options! As we say, breathe easyenjoy clean air in your favorite colors. 

So, which colour do you pick?

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