Get inspired with gushMore Than Meets The Eye: Use Paint To Alter Visual Perception of Your Spaces

More Than Meets The Eye: Use Paint To Alter Visual Perception of Your Spaces

You’ve finally tidied up your room, but even with everything in place, it still doesn’t feel refreshed. Yeah, you know what’s coming: time for some colour.


“How do I get a newly decorated space? I want oomph. I want my eyes and heart to meet in an electrified split second, stimulating irresistible photo frenzies. I want a room that seizes attention in the best way possible!”


If this is your current headspace…

*drumroll for the secret ingredient*


Our design tip is a simple one: you can alter the visual perception of your room, by painting selected areas different colours. By manipulating the placement of colours,  the information received by your brain through the eyes plays with the sense of space and reality that has been inculcated in us from birth. Think optical illusions that make you feel anything but queasy.


There’s dozens of elements and methods that achieve this but, fret not; we’ll start you off with 3 of the most visually appealing ways, that are sure to catch the eyes and adoration of yourself, and your future guests!


Paint your ceiling a different shade from your walls.

The colour relationship between your ceiling and your walls has a different effect, depending on which you choose.


A darker shade ceiling shade makes room feel cozier, creating the visual illusion of a lower ceiling. Here, a darker shade like Orbit, paired with Street-coloured walls sends waves of security and comfort that, we think, you might never wanna leave your bed again!

A darker ceiling gives a cozy vibe to snuggle into.

On the other hand, a lighter shade for your ceiling, can make room space look larger and create an effect of walls being higher! A combination like Sage Wand and Toolbox works to create a more expansive atmosphere.

A lighter ceiling colour gives a space more perceived height.

Some tips if you’re going for this effect:


  • By using white walls, ceilings painted in a different color accentuates the contrast the most, and makes your room bolder.


  • The colors you choose can result in an effect that you’ll love or hate, so choose wisely!


  • If you’re choosing a lighter & darker shade from the same color group, you can try combinations like Tutu Kueh & Bao, or Linen & Tectonic.

Two-Toned Walls. ‘Cause two is better than one.

Having two colours on your walls doesn’t just let you play with variety. You can play with levels and break monotony, by deciding how much of the wall is devoted to a particular colour. They say shy away from bold colors but we say, if it feels good to you, roll with it! Remember, it’s all about creatively piecing two colors together.


Some might shy away from this method of painting, but we promise, you’ll have a satisfyingly distinctive result if you know which colors to pick. Like your favourite musical features or collaboration songs, you can get a hit by working together.


You can achieve the look by doing either of these options.

Dividing your walls into two colours adds another visual dimension to your space.

  • Choosing 2 shades of the same color. Teh Tarik and Mango complement each other deliciously with their soft tones.

Dividing your wall by thirds has a more edgy visual feel.

  • Going bolder can be better. Pick 2 colors that contrast each other, such as Midnight Caller and Terra. Instead of dividing the wall into half, you can also play with thirds, and vertical divisions. All help to create a most striking visual effect. 


Paint a Feature Wall: The not-so-secret show stopper!

Feature walls, also known as accent walls, are single walls that are painted a different colour from the other surfaces in the room. It breaks up the patterns and adds layers. They’re also a great way to draw the attention to the objects and features of the room that you want to accentuate; whether its a painting, photographs, or a shelf of prized and personal mementos.


Being naturally attention-grabbing, when painting a feature wall, go with a color that contrasts nicely with the other elements of the room. Cooler tones like Pluvial bring a soothing ease to colours at the end of the spectrum, like white and black. 

Pluvial brings a cooler tone, that works as a great statement wall piece in your dining area.

A simple use of colour in the right places can have a profound effect on a space. From changing its perceived dimensions, to cementing a certain vibe, it’s amazing how colours can alter visual perception to make us see a space in ways we couldn’t before.

A simple use of colours that’s always easy on the eyes.

And, when painting with cair air-purifying paint, your spaces don’t just look good. By clearing the air of pollutants, bacteria, microbial spores, and unpleasant smells, you’re enjoying a cleaner, healthier, and safer space. More than looking good, your walls can make you feel good, too.

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