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Reinvent Your Space; Fight Uncertainty and Restlessness!

With most of the world staying indoors right now, we might be dealing with lack of inspiration, boredom, frustration…


Awash in the cloud of uncertainty, and the haze of repetition and mundanity, our living spaces – our personal sanctuaries – are slowly becoming a breeding ground for all these unwanted emotions.

Now, before you punch a hole in your wall or charge out screaming into your mask, indulge us for a moment: why not consider reinventing your space?


It makes perfect sense. If your living space has become the bane of your living experience, it is imperative to reinvent it for your purposes (and sanity). Your living space is where you work, live, and play. You have to get it right!


Here at gush, we’re always aware of how powerful living spaces are to one’s daily life. Here are some easy quick fixes to reinvigorate and spruce up your homes!


Declutter, declutter, declutter!

C’mon, you knew that this was always going to be the first tip! Our spaces can be a reflection of our mental state. Is your room unstructured and scattered? Do you feel the same? What is your desired state of mind?


One problem most of us are facing right now, is that lack of distinction between work and life in our day. Yup, we’re guilty too. But by keeping a tidy and clutter-free space, your mind will be able to transition straight into unwinding for the day when the clock strikes 6. And with no clutter, you’ll be allowing space for much more positive thoughts to develop.

But how do you begin decluttering you ask? Do the Marie Kondo! While her movement may be said to be oh-so-2019, we still really believe in its effectiveness and utility in helping us declutter. Simply remove things that simply do not spark joy for you.


And hey, extra note here! Joy isn’t always derived by removing things. Would repainting your old cupboard and repurposing it as a planter for your monstera bring you joy? If yes, then by all means, jump straight into it!

no monstrous vibes, when you’ve got a cheery monstera!

Optimize Your Flow

Following from decluttering, this tip also goes back to reconciling the uninspired and unstructured mind. The basic idea is this: try rearranging your furniture to optimise your flow around the living space. Experiment and you might have something that could improve your life drastically.

Better than a corner office? Why not, we say!

Perhaps having your table nearer to the window will improve your productivity by bringing natural daylight and the natural breeze to you.


Or, why not start by simply rearranging your pantry? Place sweets and snacks on the top shelf where it’s out of reach, and the baking supplies at your eye level to inspire more breadmaking.

Rearranging your shelves goes a long way in refreshing your daily routine.

These seemingly small movements can re-optimise our living space as a catalyst of inspiration by priming our physical and mental space. We’re allowing the north star of good choices to shine bright on us! With our space designed for a repertoire of good habits, it is easier to say yes to what will make us happier!


Reframe Your Space with New Colours

Walls make up most of our living spaces when you think about it. Whichever way you look, it is very likely you will be looking at one of your walls. The best way to beat any fatigue over your space is to then start with your walls to reframe your living space!

A coloured wall works wonders for transforming your space!

Reinvent your living space by giving it a fresh coat of paint in a completely different colour to reinvigorate your space. Trust us, you’ll immediately have completely different room.

Mind you, it isn’t only for #aesthetic purposes. Paint with cair air-purifying paint, and your walls also remove harmful pollutants and particles from the air. You’ll be enjoying clean air, in your favourite colours! We’ve even got a guide on how to pick the right colour for your room.

Reinvention can start with the simplest steps, but can have miraculous results! Try something new today, and enjoy your brand new space! Remember, make your space work for you, never the other way around.

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