DIY & self-cairStep-by-step: DIY Starry Night Sky Wall

Step-by-step: DIY Starry Night Sky Wall

The night isn’t just darkness and shadows. It’s when celestial landscapes reveal their grandeur, stirring our fantasies and wonder. Unfortunately for us city-dwellers, the faraway glimmers of the night sky are obscured by urban fluorescence.


But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a starry sky within the comfort of our homes!

gush paint doesn’t just come in light, sunny shades; we’ve got more moonlit, dreamy hues that are great for projects like this. Use it by itself, or combined with another colour, and you’re on your way to night sky colours that can range from dusky to post-dinner deep blues.


Check out Midnight Caller, Moonlight, or Extraterrestrial, to name a few!

Midnight Caller (A626-C)

Moonlight (B265-C)

Extraterrestrial (B365-B)

City of stars, within your four walls.

Another great thing about this is the ease with which you can create your stars! Don’t have art brushes at home? Use the end of a toothbrush, or finesse the corner of your painting brush! Perhaps even use a sponge!


There are plenty of ingenius ways to dot your celestial chamber, that you can find online. There’re also many nifty rechniques you can use instead of dotting; from flicking to self-made stencils, and all can be done with some good old DIY improvisation.

Stars shining bright above you…

A certain shade of night.

As always, great DIY starts with a plan and preparation. Check out our How-to-paint Guide and find out what you need to do first, to have a smooth DIY painting process.


The first step to your very own starry sky, is to paint your night colour. Feel free to choose colours that are unorthodox! Your walls speak your personality, so let them convey who you are.


Once your sky is dry, you’re ready to throw on your stars! There are a couple of ways to do this. Using a white paint marker is a great way to dot on stars.


You can also use a brush to paint larger stars. One trick is to apply a circle of white paint. Then, using the opposite end of a thin brush, flick out the paint from the circle. This will give you elegant streaks that zoom across your wall, just like shooting stars!

Sleeping under the stars, and safe from the elements.

Your cosmic story, in the stars.

If you want to take your astronomical art to the next level, you can also add in constellations to your wall! It’s a great way to add a cosmic dynamic to your space, giving you symbolism and enchanting grandeur, for some poignant pondering as you drift to sleep.


A great way to get this effect is with a projector. Simply look for images of the constellations you want, and project them onto the wall. From there, it’s just a matter of tracing and painting the constellations over the projected image. This is especially effective if you’re going for accuracy with ease!

That’s you, written in the stars!

DIY Challenge: Bring me that horizon!

If you’re feeling ambitious or have more experience, you can also go for a reverse ombre night sky. This style of effect blends hues together gradually leading to the visually appeasing color gradient that you can dreamily look up to. The process isn’t as straightforward as a solid colour, but this method will take you through the steps.

A reverse ombre wall lends an alluring, dawn/twilight landscape to your space.

Steps on how to create a night ombre effect:


  • Protect your boundaries with painter’s or masking tape.


  • Settle on the number of layers you want. Begin applying paint in sections of 2 shades; the darker above, the lighter below. There should be a thin layer of white space between the two layers.


  • To fill up the empty initial layer between each shade, dip your brush in water and start to mix with the first & the second colors on the space left. Do this quickly, before the paint dries.


  • Continue with the other sections, filling the white spaces in between as you go.


You could also add some stars into the final picture to complete the night-sky look!

A calming, dreamy vista, perfect for the bedroom.

Stars for you to wish upon.

A starry sky is a great activity to do with the family, and is both fun during painting and after! You’ll always have the night sky to send you into blissful cycles of sleep and pleasant dreams, while cair ensures you’re enjoying safe, clean air, night and day.

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