All about cair; all about good airWant Clean Air? Let Paint Do The Work; Let it Purify the Air.

Want Clean Air? Let Paint Do The Work; Let it Purify the Air.

Air purifying paint: the next level in solutions for safer, healthier homes.


Everyone wants their new home to be as healthy and safe as possible. Not just for themselves, but for their loved ones as well. We go through renovation plans meticulously, all to ensure our personal living spaces will be giving us their best.


But when it comes to paint, we don’t usually think beyond the colours it brings to our home. Wall colours are a crucial part of planning your dream home, as they define a home’s aesthetic in powerful ways. But why let the extent of paint’s value stop there?


It’s time we put paint to work.

gush’s cair paint series sets a new standard in innovative paint technologies, as an all-round air purifying paint solution that keeps your home safe from airborne pollutants and microbes.


In using cair, these are 3 main concerns that paint can now protect your home from.


Breaks Down VOCs

One major concern with renovation works and new furniture are the dangerous chemicals that are released in the process. These are also known as Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs.  They linger long after you move into your home, and have detrimental effects on health over time. cair’s formulation breaks down these VOCs, including formaldehyde and benzenes, to keep your home free of any poisonous particles.


Even common household products release VOCs, so it’s reassuring to know that your painted walls are also protecting you and your family from any toxic particles you might not yet know about.

Moulding, a common issue found in many homes.

Stops Molding

Another common issue that many homes eventually face is molding. Aside from tarnishing the beauty of your rooms, mold also has negative effects on health when their microscopic spores are inhaled. cair’s anti-molding functions destroy microbial spores and stop their spread, so even humid areas like bathrooms are kept free from mold.

cair’s anti-bacterial feature lets you enjoy the best of family time


With all the activity in our everyday lives, it’s inevitable that bacteria finds its way into homes, especially when we bring them in from the outdoors, on our clothes and shoes. cair’s anti-bacterial feature stops 99.9% of infectious bacteria, including E.Coli and S.Aureus. So whatever pesky microorganisms happen to make their way into your home, you can rest assured that they won’t be lingering in your spaces for long.


Better Spaces For Better Living

With these and other benefits, painting with cair reduces indoor air pollution; and with that, the risk of health and wellbeing-related issues happening in your home. It’s especially helpful to groups such as the elderly, children; and those more sensitive to respiratory irritation and allergic reactions from airborne particles.

Trehaus, a modern preschool that’s painted with gush.

Many are already starting to realise the benefits of having cleaner air, round the clock. Thomson Medical is using cair in their surgery rooms. Gyms, yoga studios and preschools are also painting with cair, to help maintain hygiene in their high human traffic environments.

cair keeps your air clean; for a safer, happier home.

With the increasing prevalence of indoor air pollution, and the sheer amount of time we spend indoors, solutions such as cair and cair fresh help to prevent these harmful conditions from becoming a problem. Look forward to days of safety, comfort and peace; as you enjoy the best out of your new home!



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