Painting ServicesHouse painting just got a whole lot quicker. Here’s why.

House painting just got a whole lot quicker. Here’s why.

With gush paints, get yourself a transformed, healthier and refreshed home in a matter of weeks.

Painting your home can give you headaches. Literally. No one wants to fill their home with toxic smells, or suffer the hassle of moving out just to give the walls a new colour. But how long does the smell last for, and why do paint jobs take so long? Read on and you’ll see why we’ve made painting your home a breeze. Here’s a clue: we begin with clearing the air.

Paint fumes take time to dissipate

It starts the minute you crack open the paint tub. A waft of eye-watering, pungent odors that seizes the nose and scratches the throat. Paint fumes cause delays because it takes time to ventilate the house. It can take a week to a month for the odor to really go away. And even then, painted walls are still releasing odorless particles into your space and your air for years to come (this is called off-gassing). This prolonged exposure can cause medical conditions in the lungs and brain, but in the meantime, you’re never feeling truly comfortable at home.

Why are there paint fumes?

Paints need to stick well to surfaces, last for a long time and be able to withstand touch as well as entities like moisture and alkalis. So chemical solvents are added to the formulation. These consist of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are chemicals that turn into gases as the paint dries. We might have accepted it as a consequence to endure in order to refresh our home. But not anymore.

What if we could get rid of paint fumes?

By creating a different formulation that uses water instead of traditional solvents, we managed to innovate a paint that’s free of VOCs. So your house painting can be done with a truly odourless, non-toxic paint. What’s more, gush paints break down VOCs and pollutants that are in the air, making sure you and your loved ones have clean air quality, every day. And the results speak for themselves.

Customers have been pleasantly amazed by the absence of any smell when opening a gush tub. Without the paint smell, many have found they enjoy painting the walls themselves. Even customers who are sensitive to allergens and air particles have been able to sleep comfortably in a room painted that same day.

Painting your home faster

Without paint fumes, gush painting services are able to paint while you’re still living in the house. Our process is streamlined to be straightforward, so you can enjoy a refreshed home as soon as 3 weeks from your date of enquiry. Where unpleasant smells used to keep you out of your home, now you can breathe easy. Simply enquire with us, set your painting dates with our dedicated representative, and we’ll manage it from there.

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