All about cair; all about good airFinally no more mold problems! All it took was a coat of Gush paint

Finally no more mold problems! All it took was a coat of Gush paint

Goodbye mold problems with Gush anti-molding paints. Hello happy, healthy home.

Mold is a very common (even unavoidable) problem, especially for homes in humid climates like Singapore’s. And if not stopped, it can harm your home and your health. Thankfully, there’s a way to get rid of mold, and make sure it stays that way too: anti-molding paint. But how does it work? Can a fresh coat of paint really bring an end to pesky mold problems? Read on and you’ll find out.

Mold causes lots of problems

You might start noticing mold as unsightly wall patches that you (and your guests) can’t take their eyes off. But mold spores can be in the air too. That might be why you’re getting scratchy throats, sore eyes and runny noses more often. It’s also what gives your house that damp, musty smell.

Mold can grow on any surface as long as it can feed on moisture. Walls and ceilings provide the largest surface area in most spaces, and moisture condensation on walls is inevitable. As it spreads, mold starts penetrating into the wall, embedding itself and becoming tough to remove.

3 mold-stopping features in 1 coat

Anti-mold paints are an effective way to stop mold from growing on your surfaces. But Gush paints ensure mold has no chance of survival, with 3 anti-molding feature built into its formulation.

First, Gush paints contain powerful anti-microbial agents that break down mold’s organic structure. Secondly, Gush paints, when dry, create a unique structural layer on the surface. This is designed to rupture the membranes of mold microbes upon contact. Thirdly, Gush paints are able to absorb and desorb moisture. Doing so deprives mold spores of water that they need to grow.

With 3 features instead of 1, you can be sure any mold spores within your space will be eliminated before they can grow. Plus, you won’t have to go through the hassle of regularly cleaning your walls with pungent mold cleaning products and remedies (like vinegar).

Check out this video to see the strength of our anti-mold properties in action.

Solving your mold problems for good

While Gush paints effectively stop mold spores in their tracks, there is one crucial step to make sure mold doesn’t reoccur in your home. Before you repaint, there is still mold hiding within the surface of your walls and ceilings. The best way to get rid of this is to use mold removal treatment. And Gush’s services have got this covered too.

We use specialized deep cleaning mold removal services. This includes machine spray and ozone options, depending on the severity and length of your mold problem. More than removing surface mold, our cleaning methods kill mold within the wall. So no trace of mold remains, now and for years to come.

Let’s end your mold problems and bring your home back to its beautiful best. Enjoy greater comfort, healthy spaces and peace of mind, for you and your loved ones. All it takes is a fresh coat of Gush paint.


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