ClearcoolKeep your home cool with lower energy bills – here’s how

Keep your home cool with lower energy bills – here’s how

Use window films to block outside heat from warming up your home

Hot weather makes even the coolest cucumber uncomfortable. Clothes sticking, sweat dripping, energy sapping – it’s unpleasant, and makes us lazy and irritated. No one wants to spend all day at home in a furnace, but is there a way to keep your home cool that doesn’t burn a hole in your energy bills?

Here’s a better way to keep your home cool and beat the heat: Clearcool solar films.

Weather & prices are heating up

A tropical paradise like Singapore has only one season: hot. Add regular rain to the mix, and you’ve got humid heat that makes us run for our aircon remotes. It’s the go-to to stay cool at home, but it comes at an increasing price. Electricity tariffs and GST is going up, with general electric bills increasing by 8%.

Turning up your air conditioning gives you immediate relief, but hurts your wallet. It also makes the surroundings even hotter because your aircon unit generates even more heat, raising outdoor temperatures.

Heat comes in waves

Here’s a not-so-cool fact: the heat we feel doesn’t just come from sunlight. There’s a whole spectrum of heat that includes ultraviolet (UV) and infrared rays. In fact, light only accounts for slightly less than half of the heat coming into your home. Infrared is the biggest source of solar radiation at 49.4%. Even at night, outdoor traffic, machinery and buildings still generate lots of infrared heat that emanate into your home.

Heat doesn’t just make us uncomfortable. It lowers our concentration, makes us irritable and can cause rashes in humid environments.

Staying cool with window films

So how do you keep your home cool? By stopping outside heat from coming in through your windows. Clearcool window films absorb heat rays across the solar spectrum and work 24/7. It doesn’t use any electricity, and also protects your skin and your furniture from UV damage.

If you don’t want to darken your view with tinted windows, Clearcool’s got that covered too. You may choose your transparency with a range of options available. Don’t want to obscure the stunning view from your room? Go with Clearcool 75. With 75% visible light transmission, there’s minimal tint so your views remain clear and gorgeous, and your room stays cool.

We provide installation services to get Clearcool into your home quickly and smoothly. We help remove any existing films and do a thorough cleaning. So you don’t have to worry about trapped dust particles or bubbles, and get the best performance from our films. All in a matter of hours.

Keep your home cool, without air conditioning

Using fans, having fewer appliances turned on, and closing your curtains — These solutions are all helpful, but to increase their effectiveness, start blocking out heat from outside. Clearcool window films do just that while keeping your views clear and your home lit with natural light. It reduces your air conditioning usage without having to settle for warmer interiors.

Look forward to cooler days at home, greater comfort for you and your loved ones, and protection from the negative effects of the sun – all with energy bill savings every month. Enquire with Gush today and get your home cool now.

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