Let's clear the airLet’s Make Healthy Buildings Together.

Let’s Make Healthy Buildings Together.

Six Sustainable Companies sign MoU to cement cooperation that focuses on occupants’ needs beyond a building’s sustainability and environmental impact

After six months in the making, we are thrilled to announce that we have started the Healthy Building Consortium (HBC) with 5 other sustainable companies to advocate for healthy buildings in the built environment. 

This August, six founding members – Gush, Arid Indoor Air Solutions, Integrated Facilities Services Consulting (IFSC), Smarten Spaces, uHoo and GreenA Consultants – signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cement their cooperation advocating for healthy buildings in the built environment at World Cities Summit 2022 Singapore. The MoU will strengthen efforts for joint expertise and technical cooperation with a goal to transform the procurement process for services and solutions in the built environment. The consortium is supported by Enterprise Singapore to showcase Singapore’s capabilities internationally.

For the People, For the Environment.

Looking beyond a building’s sustainability and environmental impact, HBC advocates a focus on design and material implications on the occupants. With curated solutions and expertise, HBC is well-equipped to provide the know-how on achieving sustainable and positive outcomes for new and existing buildings while easing the process for companies to attain the relevant green building certifications.

“Healthy building standards become the baseline for all future buildings. With the collective strengths of HBC, we will enable every tenant, patient, guest, and employee to experience a new level of comfort and a fresh standard of confidence through clean, green, and healthy buildings.”

— Alexus Goh, Head of Corporate Development, Partnerships & Government Relations for IFSC

“Buildings play an important role in comfortability, productivity, and wellbeing. We work in it, play in it, and spend 90% of our time in it, therefore, as much as possible, it should be kept in its optimal state.”

— Excell Chua, Sales Director at uHoo

The Health Building Consortium is a big step towards a local and regional alliance to promote a healthy building lifestyle for both developers and occupants.”

— Allan Tham, Managing Director of Arid Indoor Air Solutions


“It’s heartening to see infrastructure getting sustainable as buildings constitute a large percentage of aggregate energy requirements, yet it’s important to note that buildings were fundamentally constructed for their occupants. We’re excited to be able to champion the additional paradigm of health for the occupants, on top of sustainability, within the built environment.”

— Lester Leong, Co-founder of Gush

“Aggregating resources and capability will reinforce what is currently needed in solution-making. Often this is seen separately, an alliance brings together values with a focus on extended impact.

—  Farizan, Senior Partner at GreenA Consultants

“The key is to empower people with the tools needed to efficiently complete their end-to-end tasks and understand that the future of hybrid work revolves around the people. HBC collectively brings together years of improving workplace experiences in every vertical and aspect, extending that expertise to the end users.” 

— Norman Suon, Co-founder of Smarten Spaces

With this MoU, the HBC members have pledged their commitment to lead the way for the evolution of the built environment space, while fostering collaboration, innovation, and service excellence within the industry. 

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