Colour & Design with Piccolo House

Gush! is proud to announce our collaboration with Piccolo House.

Piccolo House is an established furniture store that offers a fine selection of children’s furniture and settles for nothing less than impeccable quality, comfort and style.

Started by a Singaporean mum who wanted nothing but the best for her child growing up, we are pleased to say that Piccolo House actively supports our mission of providing solutions for anyone looking to give their loved ones a cleaner and healthier living environment.

As part of this collaboration, we have jointly created a showcase of colour and designs ideas for your child’s room.


Colour Design Thinking

Colours play a pertinent role when it comes to making a dream room a reality. From the conceptualisation to the actual designing of the room, colours influence decisions more than we can imagine.

Want to know more about colours and how it influences us? Take a look at the subsequent snippets on colour psychology of popular colours used for designing kids bedroom.



Yellow is a bright and cheerful colour that evokes a warm feeling. To most, it is a happy colour often associated with flowers and sunshine. On the other hand, yellow is also energetic and attention grabbing. It creates a sense of excitement or energy and brightens up the room.



Being the colour of the sky and sea, Blue introduces tranquillity and freshness. It is perhaps due to this reason that people describe the colour blue as calm and serene, but it also brings about feelings of strength, dependability and security. Blue is often thought of as a serious colour and is associated to an increase in productivity.



Pink is a calming colour. While many people immediately associate the colour with femininity, it also brings to mind romance and qualities such as softness and compassion. Some shades of pale pink are described as nurturing and relaxing, while richer shades give off a feeling of vibrancy.


Furnishing your child’s room?

Choose from a wide variety of colours, or contact us if there is a unique colour you want us to match.

Visit Piccolo House and browse through their wide range of furniture to suit your child’s personality!