GUSH: The Future of Non-Toxic Paint

Written by Rachana Kilari

Presented by Restorative Innovation

Did you know that paint toxins can damage your brain for decades? Have you realized the harm they can cause to your babies and pets? And then of course, the risk of cancer, asthma and other breathing problems also increases with exposure to such toxins.

Toxic air pollutants such as VOCs (stands for Volatile Organic Compounds) or lead (often emitted by cheap paints), have enormous negative health effects. The Sick building syndrome (SBS) is a widespread discomfort caused by these biological and chemical contaminants.

In a fast-paced life with pressing deadlines, work and personal pressures, there is a big chance that just like most other health concerns, these concerns also have been pushed to the back of our minds until it is too late. Fortunately for us, two new generation entrepreneurs- Ryan and Lester from Singapore weren’t only mindful of the problem but also created a solution for us. They started up ‘Gush!’ which produces ‘AirPure interior paint’ for healthier living spaces.

The story behind Gush!a non toxic paint for better health

Co-founders Ryan and Lester both suffered from asthma and allergies. They became aware that indoor air pollution was the biggest factor of their ailments.

These challenges and issues motivated the co-founders to find a permanent solution. One evening during their semester break in 2015, Ryan and Lester noticed that in Singapore, people moved into new homes directly after renovation, at a time when the concentration of VOCs is especially high. Also, these walls made up most of the physical surfaces of the room which led to high exposure to paint fumes.

They realized that the paint on the walls is malleable and is made of specific chemical composition, which can be changed to solve the abovementioned health issues. Thus, the idea of Gush was born.

Why is Gush! better than your existing paint?

Using Gush! paint absorbs any pungent smell, cigarette smell, haze as well as VOC and Formaldehyde. Lab testing results show that it eliminates 60% of Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Nitron and Benzene within 48 hours. Furthermore, Gush eliminates mold and alkalinizes air by regulating humidity. The paint absorbs moisture when indoor humidity is high and releases it again when humidity is low.

The AirPure interior paint can restore the health of living spaces and contribute to a cleaner environment in the long run. An interesting fact to note is 90% of Gush’s former customers are women, especially mothers who are concerned about the health of their children. This shows the incredible value that Gush! can play in creating a healthy and harmonious future. People who suffer from asthma or other health problems caused by bad indoor air quality possess an urgent need of air purifiers. Gush can solve these issues in a sustainable manner.

My son has sinus and wakes up every morning with congested and runny nose. After Gush painted our place, I witnessed a change in my son’s sinus. He seems to be waking up without any problems. I’m also saving a lot on tissues.

– Mrs. Sally, Mother of Two

With widespread use of Gush, it can generate a positive health impact for millions of people in Singapore and abroad.

Why is Gush! a restorative innovation champion?

Restorative Innovation is a framework and an innovation model that refers to new strategies, ventures, products, concepts that are designed to restore health, humanity & the environment in addition to creating and capturing a promise of value for the consumer.”

Gush as a product aims to eliminate dangerous toxins living in homes and structures to prevent health issues.

Ryan and Lester’s concerns extend to the value generated through the adoption of Gush, which aims to benefit humanity and not destroy or disrupt the existing value chain. One of their approaches is giving ex-offenders in Singapore a job opportunity in detail paint jobs.

In addition, they started to paint houses for communities in which people cannot afford high costly air purifies or air condition and offer training as well as education about the effects of bad indoor air quality. They use technology and innovation to create a sustainable product and manufacturing process, providing immense health and climate benefits.

What’s next?

The co-founders have a vision for ‘Gush!’.

“One day, Gush will become the number one in fighting climate change and will have a positive impact on the health of millions of people.”


“With the advanced material that we have created, the applications are endless. Gush stands for innovation, health and sustainability. Paint is just the beginning towards a more sustainable future.”


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Special thanks to Florian A. Tiller, who co-authored the paper.