All about cair; all about good air

All about cair; all about good air

What does formaldehyde do to my cognitive functions? This common indoor air pollutant can affect our health and happiness, but there’s a way to stop it. Experiencing dizziness, headaches and nausea in a room, only to feel better when you step outside? That’s likely indoor air pollution you’re experiencing. There are various types of pollutants, […]

Coat your walls with kids-friendly paints and keep your kids safe from pollutants round the clock Kids can be a handful. And we love them for it. Spontaneous, full of energy and enthusiastic – these are the hallmarks of a healthy, developing child. Having a safe environment is important to protect your children from illness […]

Goodbye mold problems with Gush anti-molding paints. Hello happy, healthy home. Mold is a very common (even unavoidable) problem, especially for homes in humid climates like Singapore’s. And if not stopped, it can harm your home and your health. Thankfully, there’s a way to get rid of mold, and make sure it stays that way […]

No more paint fumes – now nothing’s stopping you from enjoying a refreshed home It’ll stink up my whole house. That’s probably one of the reasons stopping you (and many others) from repainting your home. And so you endure the faded colours, ugly stain marks and peeled patches until the condition gets bad enough to […]

Use this checklist to decide whether to get cair or cair fresh for your space.   Knowing which areas of your home should use cair or cair fresh goes a long way towards getting the full benefits and performance of gush air-purifying paints.   Understanding the key difference between the two will ensure you have a smooth, pleasant painting […]