Humidity, the Root of Problems.

We talked about how high humidity leads to mould growth in our previous blog post. More than a moulding issue. Besides Mould and Fungal spores, Bacteria and Viruses also survive better in indoor [...]

Moulding – Overlooked?

Mould doesn’t just grow on bread – you can find it on your walls, toilets, drawers, closet, etc. Although a quick glance might not alert your senses to a moulding issue at home, the problem [...]

The Silent Killer

We are not talking about murderous mimes – the real silent killers are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)! If you need a refresher on what are VOCs and the sources of it, visit our previous [...]

VOCs and The Silent Sources Of Pollution

Despite positive associations we have towards the word “organic”, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) far from positive. VOCs are responsible for many ailments, mild and severe, and they are more [...]

How Bad Air Affects Your Health

The health issues associated with indoor air pollution is generally similar to that of environmental pollution. How people react to the pollutants depends on many factors. Young children and [...]

Indoor Air Pollution: The Low-Down

Living in a city with emissions from cars and industries can be suffocating. The occasional haze that visits makes staying indoors for as long as you can a tempting prospect. However, thinking [...]