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Paint with words, because language is colourful too.

Indoors is a world full of awesome things.

Here in your blog, we get to gush about it.

Who says waiting for paint to dry is boring? Scroll down to get started!


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Let's clear the air.

All about cair; all about good air

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DIY & self-cair!

Gushing toward a sustainable future

Unlike traditional methods of paint production, we employ special pulverization processes in the producing of key raw materials, which minimizes carbon emissions.

The dream coat for dream projects

cair's features translate to significant decreases in energy consumption over time. Our benefits are capable of helping building and construction projects to garner up to 6 points on Singapore's Green Mark Scheme scorecard; by fulfilling categories including Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, and Indoor Air Quality

The gush grows greener on this side

We commit to plant 10 trees per house painted, through Eden Reforestation Projects.