Most Frequently Asked

We have more colors available in the colorbook atlas. We can send them to you via email if you would like more color options.

Yes. As our paints are odorless and VOC free you can stay in the house in another area, while painting is done. Its safe for pregnant women and children as well.

We don’t have a physical store where you can walk in and choose paint. However you can still order the paints manually over the phone, whatsapp or email.

Its at 1 Esplanade Drive #02-15/17, Esplanade Mall, Singapore 038981

Our paints are made for walls and ceilings and they are in matte finish. We don’t advise to use them on wood.

The color representation varies depending on the calibration of your screen. We highly suggest that you try to order sample sheets or tubs first to visualize how the paint would look on your wall.

Yes you can order over the phone but we don’t offer cash on delivery (COD) basis.

We usually recommend using a lightly damp cloth or just use dry cleaning methods like duster. Another alternative would be to get the DAISO melamine sponge and do spot cleaning. Make sure its just damp not wet.

Yes you can but for better performance, we also have prepair sealer that you can use instead.

Not necessarily as long as you use a sealer prior to putting new paint on top of the old one so that it would help bind the paint together and prevent cracking and peeling.

You may or may not depending on the condition of the old paint you want to cover up.

Kindly note that the results of your painting may vary.


Paint & Application


Application on wooden surfaces is possible, but not recommendedOur paint is not able to replicate the natural beauty of wooden surfaces due to its matte-texture finish. If you wish to paint gush on wood, you would need to apply a layer of sealer first 


Application is also possible but not recommendedIf you wish to paint gush on plastic, you would need to apply a layer of sealer first, to ensure the adhesiveness of the paint coat. 


cair / cair fresh interior paint should not be applied to metal surfaces, as it is a water-based, latex paint which may cause rusting of the metal surface.   gush cair / cair fresh interior paint should never be used as a replacement for exterior paint as our paint formulation is specifically formulated for interior home settings.  

Nope, you don’t need to! The cair series of interior  paints are formulated for immediate application straight from the tin. In fact, adding too much water risks reducing our paints’ efficacy and finish. Simply stir the paint well before use, and you’re good to go! 


Should you need to thin the paint, only clean water should be used to prevent contamination of the paint.  Also, water added to paint should never exceed 15% of the overall paint solution as this would severely reduce our paints’ efficacy. 

Sealer helps neutralise existing alkalis on the wall, which can cause peeling, staining or cracking of paint surfaces. It also helps remove excess moisture trapped within the walls, preventing mould and efflorescence growth. Additionally, sealer allows paint to adhere better to walls.  


We would especially recommend using sealer if

  • There are previous issues with the wall, like hard-to-cover marks due to stains or grease, or patched-up areas 
  • You are changing from a dark to light colour 
  • This is the very first paint layer being applied to fresh drywall  
  • It has been years since the last painting  
  • The wall was previously painted with an oil-based, emulsion paint 

Yes, we do! Check out our instructional video here, by the wonderful Inch Chua.  
We hope you have fun painting your walls as much as she did! ?

gush interior paint has been sold publicly since 2017. The name ‘gush cair interior paint’ has been implemented since 2019.   

You can view our product testing and certifications here: https://gowithgush.com/discover/certifications/ 

1 litre of gush paint gives you 2 coats for a  5-6 m² surface area. 


A standard 4-room HDB of around 90m² would therefore require about 45-50 litres of paint, for 2 coats.


Kindly note that the estimated quantity may differ for your home, based on how many walls you would need to paint. You can use our paint calculator, available on our colour pages, to estimate the amount of paint needed (click on Estimate Quantity”)!

cair fresh is a washable version of cair interior paint, but with reduced moisture absorbency. With cair fresh, you can easily wipe off stains and dirt from your surfaces without damaging the paint coat, while still enjoying our air-purifying benefits. 


We would recommend cair interior paint for the ceilings or areas with high moisture, and cair fresh for walls and areas prone to dirt, stains and marks. 

Nope! Even with its air-purifying features, cair / cair fresh can be applied normally like every other paint in the market. We recommend applying 2 coats of paint layer to fully enjoy the benefits of our paint.

Kindly note that the results of your painting may vary.


Maintenance and Warranty

All paint purchases are covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Paint services provided by gush are covered under a 2-year anti-moulding warranty from the date of completion of your job.

The air-purifying features of cair / cair fresh have been tested to last for up to 8 years.


We are also confident in our paint’s anti-moulding capabilities, and offer a two-year guarantee if you engage our painting services.


Our anti-bacterial capabilities should not deteriorate under normal usage.

The cair series of interior paints have been tested for durability in accordance to industry recommended SS 150: 2015 specifications, with the Wet Scrub Resistance test; in which a wear and tear simulation was used to assess the durability of the product. The lower the loss in thickness of the paint coating during the test, the greater the durability. The passing mark was 20 microns mean loss in thicknessAt the end of the test, the sample of cair interior paint had a mean loss in thickness of 5.4 microns.

The paint might fade over prolonged exposure to sunlight, just as all paints will be subject to some form of gradual discolouration when in UV light.

gush Services

It’s best to remove any existing mold before applying gush paint.  


Doing it yourself? You can use mold removing solvents to scrub and wipe away any existing mold.  


If your mold problems are severe, we provide a range of mold removal treatments with our paint services. Contact our friendly gush representatives for more details. 


Upon removal of the mold, you must apply a layer of sealer before painting to minimise future potential mold growth.

As an original purchaser of our paintsyou will be covered by a limited lifetimewarranty in which cracking, chipping, blistering or peeling from the paint, on properly prepared surfaces, are covered, subject to terms and conditions. 


If you engaged our painting services, we offer an anti-moulding warranty that covers against mould growth on your walls, for 2 years from the invoice date.

Sure thing! Please fill up the enquiry form on our Contact page, or drop us an email at [email protected]. You can also message us on our social pages @gowithgush.  


Kindly include these details:  

  • The size of your unit 
  • Is this a new/ old unit 
  • Your contact number and name for us to respond to you promptly 

If you engaged our painting services, we offer an anti-moulding warranty that covers against mould growth on your walls, for 2 years from the invoice date.

Online Store & Delivery

You enjoy free delivery for orders of $70 and above.

For orders below $70, there will be a $10 delivery fee.

Our paint takes 3-5 working days to be delivered to youand 4-7 working days for colour samples 

If you need to expedite the delivery, leave a comment when you place your order online, and we’ll try our best to accommodate your request. 

Our daily delivery schedule hours are from 11am to 6pm, so you can expect it to arrive within that period. We seek your understanding in that we can’t give you a more specific window, as our delivery team might experience changes to their delivery routes.

To find out your specific delivery date, please write in to us at [email protected], or DM us on our social pages, with your name and order number!

If you wish to self-collect, kindly indicate it in the ‘Notes’ segment when placing your order, and we will follow up with details of collection. 

Do note that we will still need at least one (1) working day to prepare your paint order. 


You can pick up your self-collection order from our warehouse at:

50 Gambas Crescent
[email protected]
#01-21, [email protected]
Singapore 757022

The range of colours online is specifically curated; hence we do not have a colour book solely for this rangeYou can get colour samples for each colour instead to see how it will look in your space 


Our sample sheets are coated with the actual paint, to allow you to have the most accurate representation of the colours before making your buying decision. These sample sheets will also allow you to compare between colours and see how they vary with the different lighting conditions in your room.

We’re sorry to hear that. If you require any assistance, please reach out to our friendly team at [email protected] and we’ll assist you shortly! You can also give us a call at +65 6692 9000. 


Our sample sheets solve this problem! They are coated with the actual paint, to allow you to have the most accurate representation of the colours before making your buying decision. These sample sheets will also allow you to compare between colours and see how they vary with the different lighting conditions in your room.

Cancellations or Changes

Please email us at [email protected] as soon as possible if you would like to change or cancel your order, We will advise you accordingly based on the order’s stage of processing. Our Operations team processes orders quickly, but we’ll do our best to process your request!


Refund Policy (for e-commerce purchases)

gush is able to provide a full refund on paint purchases made on our online shop, only in the following cases:

  1. Product is defective (refer to our limited lifetime warranty)
  2. Severe colour mismatch from the sample sheet
  3. Delivery delayed 1 week out of initially promised schedule

Refund claims must be made within 30 calendar days of your purchase to be eligible.

Refunds on purchases must include a valid proof of purchase, such as the receipt.

For credit card payments it may take 5 to 10 business days for a refund to show up on your credit card statement.