When does the warranty of the paint start?

For jobs in which the paint service is done by us, the paint warranty begins on the day of which the paint job is finished.

Why do I need to buy a low VOC paint?

Because VOC is bad for health.
Normal paints are manufactured using petroleum derived solvents. As a result, VOCs are released over a long period in newly painted walls and interiors. These volatile compounds cause a range of issues from asthma, irritation of the eyes and nasal passages, to damaging of vital organs. Gush – AirPure Interior Paint on the other hand do not depend on petroleum solvents but is produced using a water based emulsion added with natural non-polluting, plant based ingredients. Lab tests done with the paint have shown that the paint passes BCA’s minimum standard with <2g of VOC per litre found in our paint, far below the standard of 50g of VOC per litre allowed for a paint to be labelled as low-VOC. In fact, lab equipment couldn’t detect any of it! Apart from having the lowest VOC content for paints in the world the paint helps to get rid of other VOC sources too!

What is the surface finish like?

Our paint comes in matte finish.

How long does a job take to be completed?

The duration is dependent on the unit size and floor area. For example, a normal size 4-rooms unit may take roughly an average of 3 days to complete.

Is Gush an affordable solution?

Each household will probably have a different design and painting requirement and we would most welcome working with your interior designer to come up with the most cost-effective solution for your home.

How many coats will be painted in each job?

We provide 3 coats of paint for each job.

Is the paint washable? What happens to the surface of the paint when washed?

The paint can be washed by water. However, a slight discolouration may result.

Will there be any problems with not using sealer on walls before painting for new houses?

We will advise for sealer to be used as it can help to prevent cracks. It also provides more coverage and seals in alkali to prevent alkali-silicate reactions.

Does Gush have its own brand of sealer? What type of sealer is it? Can it be used with other paints?

Yes, we do. Gush products include a water-based sealer. Other than using it with Gush paint, customers may use it with other paint brands as well.

What is the difference between oil-based sealer and water-based sealer?

Oil-based sealer is used in areas with a potential for heavy moulding as mould can be fully sealed for oil. Water-based sealer is used for partition walls

Can other sealers be used with Gush paint?

Yes, you may use other sealers with our paint.

Does the paint clear-up and purify the indoor air of bad smells, cigarette smoke, VOC vapours and dust particulate matter?

Yes, the paint does this in a manner that converts complex and potentially toxic organic vapors into harmless compounds without being itself changed chemically. As for dust particles, including PM2.5 particles found in haze, these solids are charged by negative ions so that they become attracted to other positively charged particles and become too heavy to remain floating in air, and fall to the ground, thereby clearing the air.

What are the benefits of negative ions released on the health of the user? 

Simply searching the internet for the “benefits of negative ions” will give you hundreds of articles offering a litany of benefits such as the ions’ ability to neutralise free radicals, improve skin texture and even “improving the function of the cilia in your respiratory tract”. For your long-term health, it’s a pretty good investment. A paint like ours will provide quite a good concentration of negative ions round the clock.

Are the bacteria killing and mold-prevention capabilities a significant feature in the paint?

It’s a must have in your home.

Tests in the laboratory have certified that 99.9% of the tested bacteria strains do not survive while in contact with the paint. Note that the bacteria is not killed by chemical process but by contact. Not using a chemical additive to kill bacteria means less chemicals to pollute the earth with, as well as not allowing bacteria to adapt to become more resistant to the chemicals.

Do the benefits last for years to come?

From the test in which we ran under accelerated extreme conditions, the functional attributes of our paint have an estimated lifespan of 5-8 years, but of course this depends on what environmental factors the paint is subjected to. For instance, a constantly high condensation rate, abrasive actions, constant exposure to dirt and oils and other scenarios like such will adversely affect the paint’s durability.

What is the specification for painting if I do the application process on my own

Customers may follow the standard instructions found on our paint.

How is the application process of the paint?

Application process of each paint job differs. Generally, the process includes any necessary protections followed by applying 1 layer of sealer. Afterwards, it is accompanied by applying the first coat, final coat and lastly touching up if necessary.

Can I use the paint in the balcony?

The paint may be used for balcony ceilings.

Can special effect designs be done with the paint? If yes, then what are the charges on the special paint jobs?

Yes, we do provide special effect design service. The charges are based on a case-by-case basis, customers may contact our paint team for more information.

Tone differences between different batches of purchase of the same colour

As with every paint brand in the market, there would be tonal differences between batches of paint even when ordering the same colour. We would advise you to order extra paint in the same batch if you want to ensure that the colour is the same for future painting projects.

How scratch resistant is the paint?

Our paint is as scratch resistance as the other matte paints.

Does the paint dry faster so that less man hour costs are required to finish the painting job? 

Yes, and this translates directly to time and money saved in man hours of painting services!

Can our paint be applied on metal surfaces?

As of now, our paint cannot be used for metal.