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Nasal & Throat Discomfort


The silent danger

300 Toxic Chemicals

The application of adhesives and building materials during the home renovation process releases over 300 toxic chemicals, drastically increasing the exposure of the residents within.

Sick Building Syndrome

The Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) caused by the introduction of new biological and chemical contaminants can induce widespread discomfort in your home and place of work.

What are Volatile Organic Compounds?

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are chemicals released by many household products in the home and office. VOCs are emitted as gases and can have both short and long-term adverse health effects on the people living inside.

Common sources of VOCs

Features of our Paint

Purifies the Room

Gush Interior Paint eliminates toxic chemicals and harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde in the air, transforming your surroundings into a safe and liveable environment. Our odour-free paint also deodorizes the room ensuring that your surrounding always smells pleasant.

Our special paint has a core material that draws surrounding air towards the wall. The surface layer contains a catalyst that breaks down harmful pollutants in the air into harmless substances. While other purifying paints require exposure UV light or normal light to activate, our paint does not require a light source, purifying the air 24/7.


Our paint eliminates 99.9% of bacteria such as E.Coli and S.Aureus. It kills infection causing bacteria ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe.

On a microscopic level, the core material of our paint has a unique tetrahedron structure. The structure punctures the membrane of bacteria that comes into contact to the surface of our paint, causing the bacteria cells to dehydrate and perish eventually.

Regulates Humidity & Prevents Moulding

Our paint acts as a humidity regulator, it absorbs moisture from the air when humidity is high and releases the moisture back to the environment when the surroundings are dry. Effectively, this feature of moisture control actively prevents mould growth on the walls.

Our innovative paint is made out of a plant based material that is highly hygroscopic – it is 3000 times more absorbent than charcoal, allowing it to efficiently absorb excess moisture. The lack of moisture in the air prevents moulding, which is one of the biggest causes of asthma, sinus problems and allergies.

Made from Safe Materials

While eliminating VOCs, our paint has been proven to have the lowest VOC content in the world (<2g/L). In fact, the lab results could not detect any at all. In perspective, <50g/L is the requirement for a paint to be marketed as low VOC.

In traditional paints, for production, chemicals with high VOCs content are used. For our paint, besides having no toxic chemicals, the core material is plant based, largely reducing the amount of chemicals needed for the formulation of the paint, which in turn allows it to have the lowest VOC content among other paints.

Releases Negative Ions

By releasing negative ions in the air, our paint is able to clear the air of airborne dust, as well as recreate the feeling of freshness you get from a walk in a park. Health benefits also include improving mental alertness and neutralizing free radicals in the room.

While hot springs and forests have a negative ion count of about 2500, painting your walls with Gush! enables it to release about 1000-2000 negative ions per cubic centimeter (results may vary).

The negative ions released also causes surrounding air borne particles to cluster together. The particles then become too heavy to remain airborne and sink to the ground, reducing the amount of allergy-causing PM2.5 particles, like dust, pollen and other irritants in the air, so that you avoid breathing them in.

Low Thermal Conductivity

By having low thermal conductivity, our paint acts as a layer of insulation on the walls. This reduces the amount of energy needed to cool an interior, which in turn helps the household save money from reduced energy consumption.

Our paint is highly insulative and reduces the temperature transfer between room and the external surroundings. It is approximately 3x better at thermal insulation than normal emulsion paints. Enjoy a cooler environment with indirect cost savings.

Why you should care

A better sense of safety

Besides protecting the health of you and your loved ones by keeping your air fresh and combating bacteria and VOCs, our paint also has an excellent burning tolerance, and does not emit smoke when on fire, giving your place better protection even when there is a crisis.

Environmental Sustainability

Along with the insulative properties leading to a lower energy consumption for you, enjoy a peace of mind knowing that our non-toxic paint is made through an innovative process that reduces our carbon footprint. Go green with Gush!

Speed up your process

We understand that your time is precious, that is why we have specially selected materials so that your paints dry 30-50% faster than the market average. With a faster paint job with our paint, move in earlier to a home free from indoor air pollution.

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