Paint Services

Paint Services

Full Painting Services with gush Air-purifying Paints


    Air-Purifying Paint

    VOC-free & odourless, gush paints purify your home of indoor air pollutants & odours, 24/7.

    3 Reasons to Choose gush

    Start to
    End Services

    Plastering, wall repair, mold treatment & room disinfection. Fulfil all your paint job requirements in one place.

    Faster Turnaround

    Enjoy your painted home sooner: without paint fumes, avoid delays or having to move out during painting.

    Flexible & Thorough Packages

    Accurate quotations tailored to your specific needs, with quality materials & equipment assured for all projects.

    How it works

    1. Enquire

    Speak to our sales consultant & schedule a site visit.

    2. Site Inspection

    We conduct a detailed wall inspection & provide consultation on colour selection.

    3. Ready to Roll

    Confirm our quotation & painting dates. Then, get ready for a transformed space!

    Disclaimer: Our entire process, from enquiry to final completion, will take 3-4 weeks. Enquire early for the smoothest process possible.

    Past Jobs & Feedback

    Excellent product, excellent workmanship, excellent services, excellent salesperson.”

    — Jenny K

    they also had an extremely helpful and supportive customer service team that worked tirelessly to get my paints to me as soon as they could.”

    — Rachel L

    “There really was no paint smell from day 1. We could literally explore the whole place without the need to open the windows for ventilation.”

    — EG