Cair – Custom Colour

Cair – Custom Colour


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High Opacity

prepair’s high coverage spread covers previous surface imperfections and pores with ease, giving your surfaces a clean, smooth slate for effective, uniform paint finishes.

Alkali Resistant

Shields your surfaces against alkali attacks by balancing out the inherent pH value of the surface, thereby protecting your paint coats from discolouration and chalking.

Excellent Adhesion

Functioning as a highly effective keycoat, prepair binds powerfully with your substrate and paint coats; so your surfaces enjoy greater durability, and resistance to moisture and wear.

Top Coat Protection

prepair ensures the longevity of your paint coats, as a preventive layer stopping entities within the wall from penetrating and affecting your top coats of paint.

Fungus Resistant

Stops new fungal spores from penetrating the surface and growing on your newly painted walls.

Moisture Protection

Stops moisture from penetrating your painted surface, minimizing peeling and blistering of your paint coat over time.