Inhale. Exhale.

Grey with a slight sage green shade.


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Catalytic reactions help to break down toxic VOCs like formaldehyde and unpleasant odours into harmless by-products such as H₂O and CO₂; keeping your interior safe from these airborne pollutants, 24/7.


Reduces moisture accumulation on your walls while effectively preventing mold growth, ensuring your walls remain beautiful, and keeping mold-related health conditions at bay.


Eliminates 99.9% of infection-causing bacteria such as E. Coli and S. Aureus. Bacteria cells are punctured upon contact, causing them to dehydrate and perish; giving you a safer interior environment.

Fuss-Free Freshness

High dirt and stain release features facilitate quick, simple cleaning. Easily wash and wipe off dirt and stains from your surfaces without damaging the paint coat, so your walls can always look their best.

Zero VOC

cair fresh is non-toxic and contains zero VOCs, ensuring you and your loved ones enjoy your newly-painted spaces without worry of exposure to toxic airborne chemicals.


cair emits minimal odours for a safer painting process, so you don’t have to deal with unpleasant paint smells during and after renovation works.