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Why Choose us for your Project?

Give your occupants value with a healthier living environment.

  • Cleaner Air Indoors, improved productivity and health.
  • Air-Purifying and Anti-Bacterial features reduces the risk of infections, sinus, eye, nasal, throat discomforts and long-term health complications.
  • Tenants are willing to pay up to 30% more for green buildings for a better working environment.

An Efficient Anti-Moulding Solution

  • An innovative way of preventing mould growth on your walls, we have numerous cases in which we solved our client’s moulding issues where other options did not. Contact us to learn how.
  • Save money by reducing your reliance on expensive anti-moulding solutions, and from the need to repaint your walls as frequently.

Go Green and boost your Green Mark ratings.

  • Use our paint as part of your Green Building Solution. It contributes up to an impressive 6 points on your Green Mark scorecard compared to 1-2 points for normal paints.
  • Be eligible for cash incentives for upgrading and retrofitting into a green building and be enjoy Green Mark Gross Floor Area incentives.
  • Qualified Categories: ENRB 1-1 Thermal Performance of Building Envelope; ENRB 1-8 Energy Efficient Practices & Features; ENRB 3-4 Sustainable Products; ENRB 4-1 Indoor Air Quality Performance; ENRB 4-2 Indoor Air Pollutants; and ENRB 4-4 Thermal Comfort

The paint is certified by SETSCO in compliance of SS150 standards.

A safe material that is non-toxic and extremely low in VOC content, we also put our paint through extensive testing by trusted labs like TUV to certify its functional features. Click on the badges for more information.

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Past business painting projects

A company that changes lives

  • My clients would usually complain when we lacquer the parquet flooring because the smell will stay around for 2 weeks. With Gush, the smell was gone in a few days.

    Alex Chan, Interior Designer (Eunos, Singapore)
    Alex Chan, Interior Designer (Eunos, Singapore)
  • Their paint was easy to use, quick-drying and doesn't smell. My friend who has an allergy was perfectly fine when she participated in our painting session and she didn't even have to use a mask!

    Raye Padit, The Fashion Pulpit
    Raye Padit, The Fashion Pulpit
  • Knowing of its anti-bacterial and purification properties, we painted the surgical room to ensure that our post-surgical patients get the cleanest possible environment to recuperate.

    Manager at Thomson Medical
    Manager at Thomson Medical

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