Past home painting projects

Turn your design ideas into reality. Our colours are mixed on demand, meaning that we can create customized formulations depending on what you need. While we won’t promise that we can produce any colour, our team of professionals will help you match your desired shade as close as possible.

Our team of experts would guide you through and recommend the type of services that you need for your walls to ensure that your painted walls are functionally optimized and beautiful.

Depending on the state of your walls, some might need extra treatment to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved, engage our painting service to ensure that application is done right!

A company that changes lives

  • My son has sinus problems and wakes up every morning with a congested and runny nose. After Gush painted our place, I witnessed a change in my son’s sinus. I’m also saving a lot on tissues!

    Mrs. Sally
    Mrs. Sally Mother of Two (Tampines, Singapore)
  • We were with the paint for its many functional benefits, and the fact that they are a homegrown company started in Singapore. The team at Gush! has allowed us to build our dream home!

    Ted and Zoe (Singapore)
    Ted and Zoe (Singapore)
  • I've tried other odourless paints and despite the claim, there would still be an uncomfortable smell present when painting. I'm quite sensitive to chemicals, and so far, my nose is only okay with Gush!

    Jermaine (Clementi, Singapore)
    Jermaine (Clementi, Singapore)

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