How long has cair interior paint been in the market?

gush interior paint has been sold publicly since 2017. The product was only referred to as ‘gush cair interior paint’ since 2019.

How durable is the paint?

Your cair interior paint is covered by a limited lifetime warranty in which cracking, chipping, blistering or peeling from the paint, on properly prepared surfaces, are covered, subject to terms and conditions.

The paint has also been tested, according to the industry level SS 150: 2015 specifications, with the Wet Scrub Resistance test, in which a wear and tear simulation was used to assess the durability of the product. The lower the loss in thickness of the paint coating during the test, the greater the durability. The passing mark was 20 microns mean loss in thickness at the end of the test, the sample of cair interior paint had a mean loss in thickness of 5.4 microns.

Is my product covered under a warranty?

If you are the original purchaser of the paint, your cair interior paint will be covered by a limited lifetime warranty in which cracking, chipping, blistering or peeling from the paint, on properly prepared surfaces, are covered, subject to terms and conditions.

If you engaged our gush painting services, we offer an anti-moulding warranty that covers against mould growth on your walls for 2 years from the invoice date.

How long do the benefits of cair last?

cair interior paint’s ability to purify the air and release negative ions have been found to last for 5-8 years.

We are also confident on the paint’s ability to prevent moulding on your walls, and we offer a two year guarantee if you engage our painting services.  Anti-bacterial and humidity regulation abilities should not deteriorate under normal usage.

Is the paint odourless?

The paint has one of the lowest odours in the market, and there is no noticeable smell perceived by most. Besides that, it also gets rid of existing odours from other sources, like from your newly installed furniture and flooring during renovation. You can enjoy a shorter waiting period before you move into your painted home.

How much paint do I need for a 4-room HDB flat?

The paint coverage is 10-12 m² / litre for 2 coats.


A standard 4-room HDB of around 90m² would therefore require about 45-50 litres of paint based on 2 coats of paint. Kindly note that the estimated quantity may differ for your home based on how many walls you would need to paint.


Kindly note that the results of your painting may vary.

Can I apply cair over my existing paint?

You can paint over existing paint from another brand and still enjoy the benefits of cair interior paint. However, depending on the severity, if there are moulding issues existing on your walls, we would highly recommend preparing the wall surface by first removing the mould and then applying sealer over the walls before you paint with cair.

Can stains be cleaned and how?

Unless badly stained, water should be sufficient in cleaning stains on walls. We do not recommend the use of detergent or hard scrubbing on walls.

What if my wall has existing moulding issues?

If your mould problems are severe, we would recommend to remove the mould first using a professional cleaning service. Afterwards you should apply a layer of sealer before the application of cair interior paint to prevent future mould growth.

Is there a special application method to use cair interior paint?

cair interior paint can be applied normally just like every other paint in the market. We recommend applying 2 coats of paint layer to fully enjoy the benefits of our paint.

Will the paint fade under exposure to normal sunlight into the room?

The paint should not fade under normal sunlight.

How much does your paint cost?

Please visit to find out the price of our paint tins. You may get a quotation for our painting services by sending an enquiry on our website.

Do you provide delivery?

Yes, we do provide free delivery for up to 5 paint tins. You may also self-collect from our office for $5 off your total order.

Can you do a site quotation during weekends or in the evenings?

We will do our best to accommodate to your schedule for site visits and quotation but it would also be subject to the availability of our sales staff.