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Paint for Purer Air

Our paint works 24/7 to purify the air of bacteria and harmful substances, providing clean air and a healthier living environment – to alleviate problems like asthma, sinus problems and allergies.

A Peace of Mind with Safety

The lowest VOC content (<2g/L) and the ability to eliminate harmful VOCs – Feel safe moving in to your freshly painted house knowing that it is safe from indoor air pollution.

Environmentally Sustainable

Our paint is made of non-toxic materials and its unique production process allows us to have a low carbon footprint. Protect the environment for future generations to come!

Features of our Paint

Purifies the Room


Regulates Humidity & Prevents Moulding

Releases Negative Ions

Low Thermal Conductivity

Made from Safe Materials

A company that changes lives

  • My son has sinus problems and wakes up every morning with a congested and runny nose. After Gush painted our place, I witnessed a change in my son’s sinus. I’m also saving a lot on tissues!

    Mrs. Sally
    Mrs. Sally Mother of Two (Tampines, Singapore)
  • I've tried other odourless paints and despite the claim, there would still be an uncomfortable smell present when painting. I'm quite sensitive to chemicals, and so far, my nose is only okay with Gush!

    Jermaine (Clementi, Singapore)
    Jermaine (Clementi, Singapore)
  • My clients would usually complain when we lacquer the parquet flooring because the smell will stay around for 2 weeks. With Gush, the smell was gone in a few days.

    Alex Chan, Interior Designer (Eunos, Singapore)
    Alex Chan, Interior Designer (Eunos, Singapore)
  • Their paint was easy to use, quick-drying and doesn't smell. My friend who has an allergy was perfectly fine when she participated in our painting session and she didn't even have to use a mask!

    Raye Padit, The Fashion Pulpit
    Raye Padit, The Fashion Pulpit
  • Knowing of its anti-bacterial and purification properties, we painted the surgical room to ensure that our post-surgical patients get the cleanest possible environment to recuperate.

    Manager at Thomson Medical
    Manager at Thomson Medical
  • We were with the paint for its many functional benefits, and the fact that they are a homegrown company started in Singapore. The team at Gush! has allowed us to build our dream home!

    Ted and Zoe (Singapore)
    Ted and Zoe (Singapore)

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