Guest FeaturesServisHero: 7 Reasons To Hire Renovation Specialists​

ServisHero: 7 Reasons To Hire Renovation Specialists​

7 Reasons to Hire Renovation Specialists:
Guest Article by ServisHero!

Renovation is filled with expectations and visions of the finished product, but we often overlook the process to get there. It’s only in the midst of the million decisions and mismanaged timeline or material choices that didn’t turn out like we’d hoped that we realise: this is a lot tougher than I expected. Suddenly the dream becomes a nightmare, and we can’t wait to just get it over and done with, settling for whatever works.

But it can be a simpler and, most importantly, happier process. Get the help of people who know the renovation process inside out! Hiring service professionals, or specialists, for your renovation process has many benefits; but most of all, your renovation won’t be a daunting, exhausting task.


Here’s 7 reasons why specialists will keep you on track for an easy breezy renovation, and get you a space that checks all your boxes.


1. They’ll ask you the right questions.

It’s inevitable that we might not account for everything in our renovation plans, and that’s where specialists are invaluable in watching your back, ensuring you’ve got everything covered. With their experience, they can get a sense of what style you’re going for and can direct you there, while keeping within budget and on schedule.


 2. Avoid double jobs.

Specialists usually conduct recces to check if there are any structural remedial works that need to be done, such as rectifying water damage or rising damp. You’ll avoid double jobs and missed steps, which means saving on costs too!

3. You’ll put together a solid plan.

Having completed a history of projects, specialists know the best time during the renovation process for their respective service to be employed. They can also inform you of existing issues that you might have overlooked, which need to be fixed before they can start work. Knowing the various requirements of your specialists gives you the pieces to form a solid process.


4. Make quick, good decisions.

Specialists will get you to make decisions and avoid lingering in indecision. You can rely on their input and opinion to guide you along. Bathtub or shower? 1 sink or 2 sinks? Two-tone walls, or single colour? Specialists help you with pros and cons, while remembering the end-goal that you want.


5. They know what you don’t know.

Experience gives specialists a keen eye for smart tips and tricks during the renovation process. Rather than relying solely on your own research, a specialist can recall a particular shelf or wardrobe that would fit perfectly into this alcove. If not, they can always do the research for you. Ultimately, you’ll be getting those golden “Yeah, that’s much better!” moments.

Disinfection is now an important, yet still overlooked part of the renovation process. Image: ServisHero

6. You build on their strong foundation.

For design-related works, specialists know how to keep it simple and clean. It’s where their recommendations usually begin. You can add your personal touches from there, but you can trust the specialist to keep you from veering too far down extravagant rabbit holes.


7. They’ll get it done.

Hiring service professionals assure you of at least one thing: the job will be done. This is especially helpful when you’ve got a lot to do. Whether you want to disinfect your house, or get your painting done, it’s awesome to have a professional arrive at your front door, knowing they’ve got it covered. 


When hiring specialists, there’s some crucial information you’ll need to have beforehand:


Timeline. Have an idea of the duration and flow of the renovation process, especially if you’re not using a one-stop vendor or contractor. This helps specialists fit in their schedule according to whether you want to do painting before electrical set up or fixing plumbing, and so on.


Budget. Knowing how much you want to spend gives specialists parameters within which they can best advise you.


Vision of the finished space. Even if it’s a rough idea, it’s a great place for specialists to tailor their work scope to your specific needs.

ServisHero’s range of specialist services include cleaning and disinfection. Image: ServisHero

Now, you might be confused as to which specialists to hire. Thankfully, there are great service hiring platforms that encapsulate certain areas of the renovation process.


Specifically for maintenance-related services, ServisHero is the app to find the most scrupulous and licensed vendors to help you begin and end your renovation smoothly. From general home cleaning and disinfection to handyman services like painting, electrician and plumber works, ServisHero is your one point of contact for all your maintenance service needs.


Download the ServisHero app or visit their website to start picking your dream team. Now you’ve started strong, you can relax and prepare to enjoy your new home!


ServisHero provides painting services with gush air-purifying paints. Download their app today to hire painting and other handyman services including disinfectionaircon servicing and home cleaning!

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