Get inspired with gushFight Stay Home Blues By Trying New Colours

Fight Stay Home Blues By Trying New Colours

You’re feeling uninspired and restless. You know a spruce-up of your home’s been due for awhile. But you’ve rearranged your furniture twice now, and you ain’t gonna be queueing outside any furniture stores anytime this month.


? Well, why not switch it up, and try adding a different colour into your home?


The impact that colour has on our daily lives is undeniable. In fact, colour is so powerful, it can dictate how we feel, affect the temperature of a room, our blood pressure, and guess what? Even our metabolism.


*Biiiiisssh* Yeah, that’s the sound of our mind blown.

Mind. Blown.

One great way to bring colour into our homes is through paint. And whether you’re painting all of your walls or just one wall, colour will always make a statement, while tuning the room to how you want it to feel.


Now, now! Before you charge forth gallantly with your paint brushes, we have a few tips on how to pick that perfect palette for your sanctuary.


Forget the trends

Don’t get us wrong! We get excited hearing Pantone announce the “Colour of the Year” each year. Ahhh… 2017.. The year of Rose Quartz and Serenity… we still think of you till this day… But when it comes to your space, forget what’s trending and pick colours that YOU have always resonated with.

Lean toward your emotions. If you are looking for something uplifting and happy, you might love recommendations like Beam or Amalfi. They can also really add a welcoming pop to your entrance or common spaces.

Seeking some calm? Paler shades of purple such as Yammy are light and rejuvenating, great for relaxing spaces like bedrooms. Dreams of lavender fields and swimming in taro milk tea, yes please!

Or is it something bright and clean you are looking for – white. An overused, yet underrated colour when you consider shades. And my, my, my, we have so many shades of white to play with!


Look into your wardrobe

We love this next tip from one of the world’s most decorated interior designers, Kelly Wearstler. She has been dubbed as the queen of colour and rightfully so, this tip has helped many of us pick a colour. Her solution is simple: Can’t pick a colour? Look into your wardrobe.

That’s right! What you look good in is probably what you would like to surround yourself with. Duh. So what do you have in there? That fabulous red midi dress? You’d probably love shades like Ritual and Terra.

Or do you go for earth tones usually? Consider Biome or Foliage. Their restorative and mind-clearing properties make them a great choice for bedrooms.

Foliage makes for a restfully cool bedroom

See only dark neutrals in your wardrobe? We got you. Slate will add a unique accent and give depth to your spaces.

PRO TIP: Pick up a few articles of clothing and drape them over your furniture and see how you like it! You might have just picked a colour for your pillows too.


Try it out!

While we love the idea of using articles of clothing to inspire paint colours, you’ll always want to be testing the colours in your room before actually committing to it. Colours appear different on fabrics, and they also change under different lighting. These and a thousand and one other reasons can keep us from getting that fresh coat of paint.

We totes get it. It is important to be able to visualise how our rooms will look before spending on pints of paint. One great way to get that certainty is by using colour samples. These cards come in the exact colours you’re considering. Order online and have them delivered straight to your home. This way, you can really see how the paint would look with the light in your room.


Colours have the amazing ability to instantly and dramatically transform a space. Start picking your colours, your revitalized residence is only a coat of paint away!



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